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7 July 2023

Mexico sees opportunity in India-U.S. partnership

Mexico has followed Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the U.S.,and sees an opportunity to partner with India. Geopolitically, as a global south country with shared interests in peace, security and sustainable development; regionally, as part of the supply chain and export gateway to the U.S.; strategically as a diplomatic platform with a pragmatic narrative that privileges mutual interests.

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5 July 2023

The Great Supply Chain Shift from China to South Asia?

Supply chains are central to the new chapter of India-U.S. relations. Simultaneously, China-centric global supply chains, which underpinned East Asia’s prosperity, are changing as multinationals re-assess risks in the post-Covid era. Is the shift to India and the rest of South Asia occurring? This paper finds that South Asia supply chain pessimism could be changing, and India can spread gains through regionalising supply chains in its neighbourhood.

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4 July 2023

India’s strategic G20 health track  

India’s G20 Health Track is progressing well, mid-way through its Presidency year. Its success is due to a combination of intertwined interests and political commitment - to international health goals, to G20 targets and on India’s own domestic focus. An early start on the health stream has ensured that the G20 and much of the world has had in the discussions. This is what makes a Ministerial consensus likely.

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3 July 2023

Leveraging an Africa in transition

India’s rise as a global player is linked to the kind of relationship it enjoys with African countries, especially as the latter is undergoing demographic, political, and socioeconomic transitions. A new report on the India-Africa partnership recommends a resilient ‘Africa policy’ that will collectively enhance diplomatic, defense, cultural, and developmental collaboration between the two countries.

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29 June 2023

Mizoram in transition

Mizoram is one of India's most beautiful states, whose people high literacy rates in India. Yet a lack of employment opportunities and inadequate infrastructure have significantly hindered its progress. The recent investments in connectivity projects and the tourism industry can help Mizoram transition into being a model for growth in India's North East.

TCR_Website Courtesy: The Core Report
29 June 2023

What Indian Companies can do for the U.S.

Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House, spoke with Govindraj Ethiraj at The Core on the opportunities for Indian business in engagements with the U.S. There are many opportunities for Indian companies to leverage the increased Indo-U.S. bonhomie, including in capacity building, technology flows, and knowledge transfer.

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29 June 2023

Russian views on Modi’s U.S. visit

The Russian reaction to the highly successful visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Washington D.C, has been largely balanced. Russians appreciate India’s need for top technology and investments, but also note that Delhi has done so without compromising its strategic autonomy.

ZelenskyRamaphosa-GettyImages-1258743603 Courtesy: Foreign Policy
21 June 2023

Africa seeks peace dividend

Last week, an African peace delegation travelled to Kyiv and Moscow, presenting them with a 10-point plan for peace. While the plan received mixed reactions, the African initiative was a courageous step towards peace. The effort coincides with India proposing the AU join the G20, and South Africa’s entry into the troika of G20 presidencies next year.

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14 June 2023

India’s G20 presidency at midpoint

India’s year-long G20 Presidency completed six months at a time of global economic slowdown and sharpening geopolitical contestation. While India has done well in leveraging the Presidency to articulate its vital goals, the success of the upcoming Delhi Summit will depend on achieving consensus, additionality, and implementability.