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Powering hydrogen mobility for India

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During his week-long visit to the U.S. in October, a group of energy executives met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston. One of them was Seifi Ghasemi, chief executive of Air Products and Chemicals Inc., the world’s leading industrial gas company with the largest hydrogen pipeline supply and fueling station network. Air Products already has $500 million in investments in India’s industrial gas infrastructure – but what can read more

Bangladesh, India’s exemplary neighbour

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The latest visit to India by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina earlier this month (3-6 October) was an opportunity for both countries to showcase an exemplary neighbourly relationship and further strengthen bilateral cooperation. (Her last visit was in April 2017. ) The two governments expressed satisfaction that the “fraternal ties” and “excellent state of relations” represented a bond that transcended strategic partnership. read more

Modi-Xi Take 2: a holding operation

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On questions relating to Jammu and Kashmir, China has been going back and forth for a long time. It quite deliberately becomes aggressive sometimes, backs off at other times. It moves between calling for a resolution on the basis of dialogue between India and Pakistan, or calling for a resolution on the basis of UN resolutions. However, announcing as it did in the meeting with Imran Khan yesterday that it will support Pakistan’s “core” read more

Cyber agenda for India’s digital payments

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In the span of a mere decade, the Indian economy has gone from being cash-based to being heavily reliant on digital payment systems. This transition has been driven by domestic initiatives such as the Unified Payments Interface, IndiaStack, Aadhaar-Enabled Payment Systems and mobile wallets. These have brought many visible and worthwhile changes, such as greater convenience, financial inclusion, transparency read more


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Petro Dollar. Petro Yuan. Petro Rupee?

The global energy scenario has changed in every way – be it in demand, supply or energy type – in the last two decades. The only unchanged component has been the currency of energy trade: the U.S. Dollar. Lately, though, the Chinese Yuan has emerged as a challenger. Can the Indian Rupee be a third contender?

Foreign Affairs

Globalization’s Wrong Turn

The financialization of the global economy produced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The new arrangements which came into effect due to globalization, came with risks that the hyperglobalists did not foresee, although economic theory could have predicted the downside to globalization just as well as it did the upside.

Book Reviews

Operation X: The Untold Story of India’s Covert Naval War in East Pakistan 1971

This is a grippingly written account of a not very widely documented episode from the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971: ‘Operation X’ was a naval commando operation, executed by a brave band of Bangladeshi freedom fighters. But it also marked a turning point in the war – and in the way India was to fight future wars

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