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India and France Converge in Indo-Pacific

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India and France have converging interests in the Indo-Pacific. These range from strategic to economic and are based on fostering a rules-based, free, open and inclusive region. Why France? Because it has a unique global positioning. Technically, it is in the Indo-Pacific, with its 12 overseas territories, stretching from Wallis and Futuna in the East Pacific to French Southern and Antarctic Lands in the western Indian Ocean. These overseas territories give France a border with every continent, and more significantly read more

New norms for globalisation’s digital challenges

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In globalisation, old questions intermingle with new ones. It’s not as if we’ve resolved issues such as refugees, or sovereign debt management. But we also have new questions, and of these, climate change is certainly a pressing one. Then we have forward-looking issues to do with data management and governance around new technologies, Artificial Intelligence, in particular. So, everything we now do has to be seen through the digital lens. read more

Readiness for cyber warfare

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India and Canada face several common cybersecurity threats, principally from two areas: first, nefarious state actors or aggressive state behaviour in cyberspace; and second, non-state actors, principally organised criminal outfits, seeking to use the internet or cybersecurity as a way to exploit companies and individuals within our respective countries. With state actors, we’re looking at a very aggressive cyber posture along two threat vectors: cyber war and economic cyber espionage. Both Indian and read more

Green technologies’ win-win possibilities

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The potential of green finance in India is very high. First, of course, India can address current issues, such as air quality problems that affect health. Secondly, there is the opportunity to develop new technologies and also export them to other countries. China is a good example of that: it used green technologies’ potential well. Third, of course, it has a positive influence on economic development, on other industries as well. Green technologies read more


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Cyber agenda for India’s digital payments

India has rapidly transitioned from a cash-based economy to one reliant on digital payment systems. This has resulted in financial inclusion and greater transparency, but also expanded the system’s vulnerability to cybercrimes. This paper analyses India’s digital payments industry, maps the potential threat vectors and recommends measures to strengthen the cybersecurity of digital payment systems

Foreign Affairs

Globalization’s Wrong Turn

The financialization of the global economy produced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The new arrangements which came into effect due to globalization, came with risks that the hyperglobalists did not foresee, although economic theory could have predicted the downside to globalization just as well as it did the upside.

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Interests over values

With the West losing its ability to set the rules of global order, what matters to nations is the dominance of interests over values, argue foreign policy experts

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