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Myanmar’s coup, India’s way forward

myanmar Courtesy: Reuters

The first month of the coup in Myanmar ended in a bloody disaster as security forces executed a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters. On February 28, at least 25 people were killed and many more injured in various towns. This is certain to harden positions on all sides — the anti-coup movement, their external supporters, and the Tatmadaw (military) that is signalling its steely resolve. On February 1, Myanmar’s generals suddenly suspended the country’s experiment with partial democracy, taking full charge read more

Commercialising Planetary Exploration is Imperative

commercializing planetary exploration is imperative Courtesy: NASA

The COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Mars launch window were simultaneous events. A ‘launch window’ is a brief period when the position of Mars and Earth in the solar system is such that spacecraft bound for Mars can reach the planet in the shortest 6-7 months travel duration. Such windows occur only once in two or three years, making it necessary for countries to schedule missions accordingly. The US, UAE and China did not let the pandemic affect their Mars-bound missions. read more

India-China disengagement at LAC

China,And,India,Border,Line,With,A,Chain,On,World Courtesy: Shutterstock

The year 2020 was particularly challenging for India as it faced a belligerent China at the border amidst the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. At the height of the pandemic and durig a nationwide lockdown, China may have wanted to surprise and tie India to the 1959 claim line through its actions in April-May 2020. Unlike the previous stand-offs, the present stand-off turned out to be a violent one with the clash read more

Japan blooms in India’s North East

japan blooms in india's north east Courtesy: Government of Meghalaya

It is not just cherry blossoms that Japan and North East India have in common. Even as spring marks the onset of the sakura festival in Japan, in Meghalaya it arrives only in autumn where the hillsides are a-burst with pink. Meghalaya celebrates the flower too: The first Cherry Blossom Festival was held in the state by the government in 2016. In 2018, Shillong hosted India’s first International Cherry Blossom Festival, where then Japanese ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu was the chief read more


A Defence Industrial Agenda for India

The delivery of five Rafale fighter jets this week demonstrates the continued upgrading of India’s military capabilities. A key part of this process has been the building of a domestic defence-industrial base by promoting participation of the private sector. Bringing certainty to defence procurement, monitoring emerging technologies and joining hands with like-minded countries, will play a critical role in taking this forward.

Foreign Affairs

As the World Burns

A yawning gap has opened up between what countries know about the risks of climate change and what they are doing to reduce them. In the riskier new era of climate change, the longer countries take to close that gap, the more painful and deadly the outcomes.

Book Reviews

Africa In World Affairs: Politics of Imperialism, The Cold War And Globalisation

This book offers a non-Western framework with which to view Africa. It is part political history and partly, a history of ideas, aiming to provide a better understanding of the continent

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