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Crisis in the WTO Appellate Body

wto Courtesy: World Trade Organisation

Since its inception, the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) dispute settlement system (WTO DSS) has been hailed as the most “prolific of all the dispute settlement systems in the world”. The WTO DSS is unique and has several distinctive features, which similar international tribunals, including the International Court of Justice, may not possess. The unique features include its appeal mechanism, compulsory jurisdiction and automatic dispute process. The WTO and its dispute settlement system had a profound read more

Germany and the European Parliament elections

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The European Parliament (EP) elections late in May 2019 seem to have brought greater ideas of change within some of the European Union’s leading member states than in the European Parliament itself. In Germany alone, the poll results have had an overall chastening effect, heralding many shifts within the leading parties. The vote share of the ruling coalition partners – the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a historically centre-right conservative party, and Social Democratic Party (SPD), read more

Russia returns to Africa

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In October 2019, the first Russia-Africa Summit will take place in Sochi. Leaders from all 54 African countries have been invited to the summit, which, in scale and significance, is like the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation and the India-Africa Forum Summit. The summit has been in the planning for several months under the personal supervision of President Putin, and is a clear announcement from him: Russia is back in the African continent after a long absence – since the Soviet Union’s read more

India, Japan@G20: quality infrastructure a priority

January 28, 2019 1-162 Courtesy: Gateway House

The priorities for India are almost the same as for all developing countries. First, it is the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We all share similar challenges, be it climate change or food security or developing our own infrastructure: these are important priorities for India – and India also takes up these issues on behalf of other emerging economies, other developing countries. Some of the other key priorities for India are: disaster-resilient infrastructure. Disaster has become a major read more

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Chinese Investments in India’s Neighbourhood

India and the world have watched China’s growing investment in Asia and beyond with a mix of awe and apprehension. The unprecedented scale of these investments are reshaping political arrangements around South Asia.

Foreign Affairs

The Stealth Superpower

Although China does not want to usurp the United States’ position as the leader of a global order, its actual aim is nearly as consequential. As one Chinese official put it, “Being a great power means you get to do what you want, and no one can say anything about it.” In other words, China is trying to displace, rather than replace, the United States.

Book Reviews

The Legitimacy of Power: The Permanence of Five in the Security Council

Former ambassador Dilip Sinha’s book comes at a time when there is a call for greater transparency and accountability in the functioning of institutions the world over. The United Nations Security Council, a vestige of post-Second World War structures, has had no real meaningful reform. The author deals with this and other thorny questions

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