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Elections 2019: Making India Middle Class

2019_5_img23_May_2019_PTI5_23_ Courtesy: India Today

In early May, a mixed group of citizens, businessmen and politicians gathered informally in a vast hall in Calcutta, to discuss the national elections. The conversations were not as heated as they became later in the month, the street battles between political parties were not yet national news. But it was evident that a big fight for Bengal was underway – a fight between the very old guard, the current guard, and those hoping to be the future guard of this read more

Cannibalising U.S. firms in China

20181212105355-US-China Courtesy:

Just as the United States and China seemed to be getting close to finalising a deal on the trade war, negotiations have faltered again. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He’s visit to Washington D.C on May 8 was expected to bring negotiations to a close. Instead, miffed by the changes the Chinese negotiators have reportedly made to the draft agreement, the Trump administration announced new tariffs at 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports with plans to raise tariffs on read more

Foreign policy in Indian elections

indian elections Courtesy: News Click

Looked at from afar, the most amazing thing about the ongoing election in India may be the numbers involved. Over 900 million citizens are eligible to vote and voter turnout is hovering between 60% to 70%. The election to 543 seats in the Lok Sabha (Lower House) is being conducted in seven phases with 12 million officials deployed in 1.7 million voting booths. The first phase of polling was held on April 11 and the concluding one will be on read more

Tracing Indian merchants in Japan

nehru Courtesy: Free Press Journal

Japan is currently celebrating the dawn of a new era, named ‘Reiwa’ (‘beautiful harmony’), and the coronation of its Emperor Naruhito. This is cause for celebration for the multi-generation mercantile Indian Japanese community too, which has seen the reign of four emperors. In 1923 (before the Great Kanto Earthquake read more

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Chinese Investments in India’s Neighbourhood

India and the world have watched China’s growing investment in Asia and beyond with a mix of awe and apprehension. The unprecedented scale of these investments are reshaping political arrangements around South Asia.

Foreign Affairs

The Stealth Superpower

Although China does not want to usurp the United States’ position as the leader of a global order, its actual aim is nearly as consequential. As one Chinese official put it, “Being a great power means you get to do what you want, and no one can say anything about it.” In other words, China is trying to displace, rather than replace, the United States.

Book Reviews

The Human Tide: How Population Shaped the Modern World

Demography has an important role in economic and political history, it has an impact on political thinking and changing populations influence the balance of power between different countries. The book is especially good at British, British colonial and European demographic history, but its weakness is its Euro-centrism

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