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India in the global commodity shock

renergy crisis photo Courtesy: Economic Times

The warning signs were visible long before the Ukraine conflict. Years of insufficient investment into oil and gas production resulted in high prices and shortages. With investors keeping away from traditional fuels, the conflict in Ukraine precipitated the inevitable. Energy-dependent India must now insulate its supply chains. read more

India’s EO satellites in the Indo-Pacific

ISRO satellite Courtesy: ISRO

The Quad has agreed to launch a satellite-based maritime security initiative to curb illegal fishing by China. India is a global leader in satellite launches, especially in Earth Observation (EO) satellites. The Indo-Pacific nations are looking at the Indian model because it is applicable, economical, and sustainable. read more

The credibility challenge for Quad

1D8120D2-1A4E-4358-BD1F-E8EFB4D9F40C Courtesy: Twitter- Narendra Modi

A serious stocktaking is expected at the Quad Leaders' Summit in Tokyo, to measure the progress of its wide-ranging list and proposals. In addition to vaccine partnerships, climate change and connectivity, the Quad must now craft a common strategy for, and expedite cooperation in, the economy, higher education, industry, and technology. It will also project unity in the Indo-Pacific region. read more

Khalistan separatist propaganda continues

khalistan Courtesy: OpIndia

Ominous threats against two Chief Ministers. A close-up simulating one being shot in the face. A "bounty" offered for an Indian Army general facing assassination. And applause for a terrorist who slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians. For Indian viewers, these are a few of the surprises -- which should not be surprises at all -- obscured by the Indian government's ban on the US-based separatist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). Fronted by an energetic American lawyer, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who read more


India in the Indo-Pacific: Pursuing Prosperity and Security

The Indo-Pacific has become an important part of global geopolitics in the recent past, with several great powers implementing concerted Indo-Pacific policies to create economic, social and security linkages with the region. India can use its development experience and futuristic technology to secure stability and prosperity. This compendium of essays explores the comprehensive role that India can play in the Indo-Pacific, from energy and environment, to trade, security, technology and a vibrant diaspora.

Foreign Affairs

As the World Burns

A yawning gap has opened up between what countries know about the risks of climate change and what they are doing to reduce them. In the riskier new era of climate change, the longer countries take to close that gap, the more painful and deadly the outcomes.

Book Reviews

The Maverick Effect: The Inside Story of India’s IT Revolution

The rise of India’s software services industry has been oft-told. In this book, the author, one of the principal players of the industry, tells the story from the inside, of how Indian IT is leading to Indians aspiring to be first class citizens in a first class country run by a first class administration.

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