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India and Italy: Partners in Peninsularity

italy Courtesy: Economic Times

The visit of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to India is a significant and well noted event. It shows that the new government in Italy has settled down and the expectation of a full-term government will be fulfilled. Thus, for India to reengage with Italy read more

Blame Game in Overdrive on SVB Collapse

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On Friday, March 10th, Silicon Valley Bank, the sixteenth largest bank in the U.S. and member of the Federal Reserve System was closed by California regulators, with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) named as receiver to assist in the recovery of funds for creditors. As of December 31, 2022, Silicon Valley Bank had about $209 billion in assets. To prevent contagion in the corporate sector and serial bankruptcies of clients of Silicon Valley Bank, as well failures of more regional banks read more

G20 @ 2023: The Roadmap to Indian Presidency

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Until mid-2022, interest in the Group of 20 (G20) was confined to experts in international economy and diplomacy. Now, thanks to its presidency coming to India and New Delhi’s resolve to leave an indelible imprint on this influential multilateral grouping, G20 has almost become a household word. As knowledge about it remains limited, G20 @ 2023: The Roadmap to Indian Presidency is a welcome endeavour to bridge the information gap. Reader-friendly and packed with facts, it offers a scholarly analysis read more

UK-India FTA Negotiations: Contentious Issues, Potential Solutions

india-uk-istock-1152442-1665421302 Courtesy: Deccan Herald

The eighth round of negotiations for the proposed UK-India free trade agreement (FTA) is scheduled in New Delhi in March 2023 after the seventh round concluded on 10 February 2023. Although the UK economy is facing recession risks and India is pre-occupied with the Presidency of the G20, there are hopes for a trade deal in 2024. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is interested in transforming historic ties into a modern economic partnership in the post-Brexit era while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi read more


Analysing India’s Economic Security Challenges

Low global commodity prices, strong FDI inflows, and sustained growth have boosted the Indian economy in the preceding decade. This favourable economic climate, however, was disrupted by the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine, exposing vulnerabilities in the global economic system. This paper focuses on India’s economic security challenges, particularly in six sectors - Food, Energy, Finance, Data, Space & Undersea Cables and Critical Minerals - and suggests possible courses of action.

Foreign Affairs

The New Nuclear Age

China’s expansionist nuclear programme aims to bolster its capabilities, so much so, that Beijing's predictions boast 2500 new warheads by 2030, thus rivalling the American and Russian arsenals. As the dragon quadruples its nuclear propensity, heralding the world to something greatly unstable – a tripolar nuclear system; nuclear peace seems a quite convoluted goal.

Book Reviews

Tangled history: the Pashtun

Tilak Devasher's book The Pashtuns: A Contested History delves into the Pashtun tribe, highlighting its geopolitical significance and far-reaching consequences in the South Asian region. Reviewer Tim Willasey-Wilsey says the book brilliantly explains how the Pashtuns were strong-armed into joining Pakistan and why the prospect of Pashtun unity poses a threat to security in Pakistan and the entire region.

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