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India’s Defence-Industrial Agenda

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Nearly two decades after Sukhoi aircraft were imported, India received a fleet of five French-manufactured Rafale multi-role combat jets last week. The acquisition of the Rafale fighter jets is a much-needed capacity booster for the Indian Air Force (IAF), given the aircraft’s proven combat capabilities in air defence, electronic warfare and ground support. Their induction into the IAF will also support India’s management of the read more

We own your Face!

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In June 2019, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon decided to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies, in light of potential misuse of the technology. IBM went a step further and stopped the development of the technology altogether. No other company or entity, however, is taking the high moral ground on facial technology. The use of facial recognition by governments around the world has become quite prevalent. read more

A New World for India and the United States

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Despite the Covid crisis, U.S. investors have been lining up to pour money into India’s digital future. Over the past two months, India has received about $20 billion in corporate investment from the U.S. – most of it in Jio, India’s largest mobile network operator and digital services company. All the marquee tech names have made solid, long-term commitments to India’s market place – Facebook, Google, KKR, Intel, Qualcomm, read more

The importance of being Taiwan

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The onset of COVID19 pandemic has changed all equations. Taiwan’s stellar response in containing the spread of the virus has been appreciated globally. Under the charismatic leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taipei is now in the spotlight, as it seeks global political equality, and prepares its economy to become self-sufficient in everything from artificial intelligence to defence technology. So this evening we read more


Cyber agenda for India’s digital payments

India has rapidly transitioned from a cash-based economy to one reliant on digital payment systems. This has resulted in financial inclusion and greater transparency, but also expanded the system’s vulnerability to cybercrimes. This paper analyses India’s digital payments industry, maps the potential threat vectors and recommends measures to strengthen the cybersecurity of digital payment systems

Foreign Affairs

China’s Coming Upheaval

The U.S.-China relationship, which has wavered between cooperation and competition, has, over the past few years, veered more sharply towards confrontation – possibly because of China’s own more assertive stance. Now, Beijing’s confidence is under test, not only by these fractious relations, but also COVID-19 and an economic slowdown. Will these factors reveal its weaknesses?

Book Reviews

The Myth of Chinese Capitalism

China’s dramatic political and economic rise over the past three decades has been well recorded. Less known is the effort of China's rural labourers and migrants, which has largely enriched the coastal elites, instead of creating the egalitarian, capitalist, society China espouses. Dexter Roberts’ book takes us deep into the story of China’s rise, and exposes this reality. Roberts chronicles the lives of the many rural folk he has met during two decades of work and travels in China. It gives the book a personal and compassionate note, with the authenticity of a hands-on China expert.

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