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The cyber security imperative for India’s elections

Jorhat :Polling officer checking electronic voting machine (EVM) and documents after collecting from the respective center  on the eve of the 1st phase of Assam State Assembly election 2016 at Jorhat in Assam on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI4_3_2016_000067A) Courtesy: PTI

The process of electing a new government is always fraught with impediment. Violence, booth capturing and identity erasure have been par for the course in elections past in India. This time around though – the month-long process began on April 11 – the threat inheres in digital technology. With political parties using social media to drive communication strategies and data analytics for targeted political campaigns, the possibility of rogue actors and adversarial states exploiting digital technology to harm the integrity of the read more

Japan’s Buddhist trail in Bombay

IMG_20190411_090307__01__01_Norita SAN (1) Courtesy: Gateway House

Mumbai’s expatriate Japanese population today is small at 550 to 750 people compared to Bengaluru’s or New Delhi’s or the only Japantown (Sataku) in India, in Haldia (West Bengal), but unique. The city’s historical linkages with Japan are not only over a century old, but some of them are foundational to India’s soft power in Japan. It all began with trade and expanded into the cultural, political and religious realms. These ties snapped during the period of the Second World read more

Mainstreaming Natural Capital Valuation

2016-11-NFLP-web-1440x625-1-1080x625 Courtesy: Select Fund

There is a critical need to reconfigure the international financial architecture to meet sustainable goals. For making informed decisions on allocating resources for sustainable business and economic development, it will be essential to value the cost of natural capital. This practice is difficult since assigning a monetary value for quantifying natural inputs such as water, air, trees and climate is context-specific and requires data. Natural capital valuations can help in calculating the true cost of capital and thus differentiate read more

India & the influential SCO Energy Club

ibc-center-oil-gaz-4-696x392 Courtesy:

The area encompassing the sovereign territories of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO) member states and the countries on their peripheries – Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan – holds some of the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world. It is home to 25% of the world’s oil and 50% of its total natural gas reserves, with the largest market for this in the neighbouring regions of Europe and South and East Asia. Moscow, a global energy superpower and co-founder of this grouping read more

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Chinese Investments in India’s Neighbourhood

India and the world have watched China’s growing investment in Asia and beyond with a mix of awe and apprehension. The unprecedented scale of these investments are reshaping political arrangements around South Asia.

Foreign Affairs

The Stealth Superpower

Although China does not want to usurp the United States’ position as the leader of a global order, its actual aim is nearly as consequential. As one Chinese official put it, “Being a great power means you get to do what you want, and no one can say anything about it.” In other words, China is trying to displace, rather than replace, the United States.

Book Reviews

When India played peacemaker

This account of India’s foreign policy under Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi is an accomplished body of research into a period, usually studied primarily for India’s Non Aligned Movement. The author suggests that Nehru’s larger Asian, more global, view for India has therefore gone unnoticed

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