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UAE: a new geopolitical identity

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The Gulf countries have increased their weight in the international landscape, not only in the frame of multilateral organizations but as central actors in global governance. Paradoxically, this boosts the diplomacy rehearsals but intensifies the regional rivalries. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has understood its role in the vacuum at the end of a chapter in the world order. It has adopted measures to leverage the advantages to expand its economy and influence and to face the risks that the Arab read more

Trading more within Asia makes economic sense

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South Asia should now have a re-look at regional trade across Asia after the warning by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on January 31, 2023, that global trade would slow down from 5.4% in 2022 to 2.4% in 2023. This forecast is optimistic with polycrisis risks such as an escalating Russia-Ukraine war, a decoupling from global supply chains and tackling variants of the COVID-19 virus. A recently published paper in an IMF book, “South Asia’s Path to Resilient Growth”, argues that a read more

Rebuilding in Turkiye and Syria

earthquake Courtesy: Hindustan News Hub

The Kahramanmaras earthquake, measuring a massive 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck before dawn on 6 February, in southern Turkey, close to the Syrian border. It left a trail of death and destruction in 10 provinces in Turkey and areas in northern Syria, with 12,000 dead and more to come. The quake was followed by over 400 after-shocks within the next 60 hours, with unforgiving of snow and sleet adding to the misery. This is perhaps the biggest earthquake since read more

Common currency for an integrated South America

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Brazil's Lula da Silva and Argentinian Alberto Fernández are strengthening bilateral ties. Argentina is Brazil's largest trading partner, and the two countries are in discussion around the introduction of a common currency. In this podcast, Argentinian Consul General Mr. Guillermo Eduardo Devoto in conversation with Amit Bhandari, Senior Fellow, Energy, Investment & Connectivity, Gateway House, discuss the significance of a common currency for economic integration in South America. read more


Analysing India’s Economic Security Challenges

Low global commodity prices, strong FDI inflows, and sustained growth have boosted the Indian economy in the preceding decade. This favourable economic climate, however, was disrupted by the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine, exposing vulnerabilities in the global economic system. This paper focuses on India’s economic security challenges, particularly in six sectors - Food, Energy, Finance, Data, Space & Undersea Cables and Critical Minerals - and suggests possible courses of action.

Foreign Affairs

The New Nuclear Age

China’s expansionist nuclear programme aims to bolster its capabilities, so much so, that Beijing's predictions boast 2500 new warheads by 2030, thus rivalling the American and Russian arsenals. As the dragon quadruples its nuclear propensity, heralding the world to something greatly unstable – a tripolar nuclear system; nuclear peace seems a quite convoluted goal.

Book Reviews

Tangled history: the Pashtun

Tilak Devasher's book The Pashtuns: A Contested History delves into the Pashtun tribe, highlighting its geopolitical significance and far-reaching consequences in the South Asian region. Reviewer Tim Willasey-Wilsey says the book brilliantly explains how the Pashtuns were strong-armed into joining Pakistan and why the prospect of Pashtun unity poses a threat to security in Pakistan and the entire region.

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