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Re-assessing India’s Non-Personal Data

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On 12 July, 2020, a committee created by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and led by Kris Gopalakrishnan released a report (Report) on non-personal data, a first of its kind. The Report attempts to decode non-personal data by defining it and delineating the ecosystem in which it will operate, while also assessing its monetization. With this Report, India has taken a frontal and early approach to the governance of read more

Riparian Governance in South Asia

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Governance of transboundary rivers in South Asia is both complex and challenging due to a peculiar mix of imperatives relating to geography, demographics, and geopolitics. Hosting a quarter of the world’s population, the region, however, has no choice but to improve its record of riparian governance if it is to contribute more to the world’s well-being and its own. The record of regional cooperation on rivers since India's independence in read more

UN: Necessary but reformed

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Prime Minister Modi spoke at the UN twice in recent days. One was at a commemorative meeting on the 75th anniversary of its founding. The other was the annual address to the UN General Assembly (UNGA). On both occasions, he strongly underlined the need for the UN to reform or things would just move past it. The UN turned 75 this year but instead of grand celebrations, the world witnessed an empty UNGA with world leaders read more

India must back Developing World in Space20

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) had early on identified space co-operation as one of the key agendas of its presidency of the Group of 20 (G20) multilateral in 2020. The KSA acknowledges space technology as important for common global goods like climate and oceans, as well as an enabler of food security, global health and sustainable development. To that end, the Saudi Space Commission, KSA’s leading space policy-making body read more


Cyber agenda for India’s digital payments

India has rapidly transitioned from a cash-based economy to one reliant on digital payment systems. This has resulted in financial inclusion and greater transparency, but also expanded the system’s vulnerability to cybercrimes. This paper analyses India’s digital payments industry, maps the potential threat vectors and recommends measures to strengthen the cybersecurity of digital payment systems

Foreign Affairs

China’s Coming Upheaval

The U.S.-China relationship, which has wavered between cooperation and competition, has, over the past few years, veered more sharply towards confrontation – possibly because of China’s own more assertive stance. Now, Beijing’s confidence is under test, not only by these fractious relations, but also COVID-19 and an economic slowdown. Will these factors reveal its weaknesses?

Book Reviews

The Myth of Chinese Capitalism

China’s dramatic political and economic rise over the past three decades has been well recorded. Less known is the effort of China's rural labourers and migrants, which has largely enriched the coastal elites, instead of creating the egalitarian, capitalist, society China espouses. Dexter Roberts’ book takes us deep into the story of China’s rise, and exposes this reality. Roberts chronicles the lives of the many rural folk he has met during two decades of work and travels in China. It gives the book a personal and compassionate note, with the authenticity of a hands-on China expert.

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