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Four dimensions of the Quad

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Three months after its virtual summit on 12 March, the Quad – composed of the U.S., India, Japan and Australia – is attaining greater consolidation, even as its challenges acquire a sharper edge. As the US-China strategic contestation continues unabated, the progress of the new grouping has global implications. The coalescing of three treaty allies and India, a strategic partner with each of them, compels attention. The Quad has begun planning for its first in-person summit, likely to be held in Washington read more

Obligatory Olympics: Tokyo 2021

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The Tokyo Olympics will start on 23 July and run through 8 August 2021, followed by the Paralympics (24 August - 5 September). The Games were delayed for a year, due to the Covid pandemic. The immaculate Japanese system suffered the ignominy of having to cede to the pandemic and postpone the Games. In choosing to go ahead with the Olympics, Japan will spare the Games from being cancelled. The Japanese government is caught in a bind. The International Olympic read more

U.S. Defense Budget: Mixed signals for the Indo-Pacific

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The 2022, U.S. Defense Budget, if approved by Congress, will see $66 billion (9.2% of the total budget) flow into the Indo-Pacific. This includes $ 5.1 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative (PDI) .The latest request for PDI funding exceeds the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) that has seen successive reduction from $ 6 billion in 2019 to the current request of $ 3.7 billion – a sign of growing defense expenditure by NATO and an increased U.S. focus on read more

Drishti: Foresight to a digital manufacturing future

DRISHTI AI Courtesy: LinkedIn | Drishti

Established in 2016, Drishti Technologies (Drishti) is a U.S. based company that uses AI and computer vision to produce continuous, system-wide data for manual factory tasks, by providing video analytics and video traceability for assembly lines. Improving a manual assembly line takes a huge amount of effort by engineers, supervisors, trainers, line associates, and others. Drishti provides data and insights for improving manual assembly lines faster, with much less effort, and much greater impact. In 2019, Drishti was named a read more


Inserting India into U.S.-Israel Defence Technology Cooperation

Israel and the U.S. have become India's top arms suppliers, with companies from these countries participating in the 'Make in India' initiative. These robust defence partnerships can be elevated, by inserting India into the U.S.-Israel defence technology cooperation corridor. What are the geopolitical and domestic limitations that India must tackle in this effort? What benefit will the U.S. and Israel gain from a partnership with India? This paper studies the U.S.-Israel defence technology corridor, and suggests potential collaborations for India. It recommends the three innovation hubs, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Bengaluru, coming together to maximise their respective strengths and declared national technology priorities.

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As the World Burns

A yawning gap has opened up between what countries know about the risks of climate change and what they are doing to reduce them. In the riskier new era of climate change, the longer countries take to close that gap, the more painful and deadly the outcomes.

Book Reviews

The Conjuror’s Trick: An Interpretive History of Paper Money in India

From the window of the earliest paper currencies issued by private banks in Calcutta, to the evolution of contemporary banknotes, The Conjuror’s Trick: An Interpretive History of Paper Money in India, deftly tackles political imperatives, monetary policy, global disruptions, schools of currency thought and even the science and art of printed paper money in India.

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