The Gateway House Podcast is a special audio product created by Gateway House to provide indepth discussion and analysis on important foreign policy events in an accessible, and digestible format. The podcast frequently features experts from Gateway House as well as several external experts from across the world. You can follow the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. Current Host: Virpratap Vikram Singh, Website Content Manager, Gateway House Past Hosts: Shubhashish, Ashna Contractor, Dev Lewis

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Purvi Pod photo Courtesy: Purvi Patel
5 April 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 10, Hyper-local, cross-border dialogue benefits

How can hyper-local, cross-border dialogue provide stability in border communities? International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Visiting Fellow at Gateway House, Purvi Patel, on a recent visit to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, observed similarities with other complex cases such as the India-Myanmar border and offers lessons for them.
Brazil_podcast Courtesy: Brookings Institution
22 March 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 9, Brazil’s G20 Presidency: on the road

It is three months into Brazil’s G20 presidency, and the country is working hard on its agenda of prioritising energy transitions, reform of global governance and social inclusion. These will flow well into Brazil’s chairing of two other multilateral events in 2025 — BRICS and the COP30. Carlos Frederico de Souza Coelho, Senior Fellow at the BRICS Policy Center, talks about Brazil’s G20 agenda, its intention to advance India’s G20 efforts for global development, and what to expect from his country’s COP30 and BRICS presidencies.
India_IEA Courtesy: GEP
11 March 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 8, India joining the IEA

As India begins membership talks with the International Energy Agency, Senior Fellow for Energy, Investment, and Connectivity at Gateway House, Amit Bhandari joins us to talk about how we got here, what’s in it for both parties, and how the agency will adapt to the increasing strategic autonomy of India and countries like it.
dedoll Courtesy: CNBC
1 March 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 7, De-dollarisation: economic or political?

The imposition of sanctions, continuing wars and the rise of new geopolitical blocs seeking to move away from western economic dependence, have prompted talk of ‘de-dollarisation,’ switching from the U.S. dollar as a currency of trade and reserves. Surjit Bhalla, well-known economist and India’s former representative at the International Monetary Fund, discusses the logic behind de-dollarisation and the key indicators of its sustainability or demise.
peak china Courtesy: Financial Express
23 February 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 6, Peak China—or not

Has China peaked? India's leading China expert and Adjunct Distinguished Fellow for National Security and China Studies at Gateway House, Lt. Gen. S.L. Narasimhan discusses China's economy, the sustainability of Chinese global influence, the future of U.S.-China relations, and what this means for India. China, he says, will continue to be a shaping force in geopolitics, and the India-China relationship will continue to be one of interdependence.
TrumpV.Biden-indiaToday-2_1200x768 Courtesy: India Today
8 February 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 5, The U.S.’ precarious electoral contest

Former President Trump and incumbent President Biden have emerged as frontrunners in the ongoing U.S. primaries. While the former faces several legal hurdles, the latter has been criticised for his response to the crises in Israel and Ukraine and the strategic contest with China. Neelam Deo, co-founder, Gateway House, speaks with Purvi Patel, International Affairs Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, about the electoral race, legal challenges to Trump's candidature, and what India can expect from another Trump presidency.
ap24027436647060-4396770c18818334aeb094b20153e05d90e91439-s1100-c50 Courtesy: The Time of India
1 February 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 4, Indian seafarers at risk

Recent attacks on commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden by the Houthis have led to increased costs and global trade disruptions, and drawn the Indian Ocean into the ongoing conflict in West Asia. Most at risk are Indian seamen, who comprise the officer and saillor class of these vessels. Michael Pinto, former Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, speaks with us about ensuring maritime security and safe passage.
160067 Courtesy: Al Majalla
17 January 2024 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 3, Understanding the Maldivian position

Maldives’ President Mohammed Muizzu’s desire to have an independent foreign policy has steered it away from India and closer to China. It has added a new dimension to the strategic contestation in the Indian Ocean. Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, shares his insights on the Maldives’ strategic importance in the region, the ‘India Out’ campaign, and the way forward for Indian diplomacy in South Asia.
guyana Courtesy: Revolutionary Communist Group
14 December 2023 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 2, Essequibo dispute: colonial shadows and resource riches

Venezuela's claim to the Essequibo region of neighbouring Guyana has focused world attention on yet another colonial-era border dispute. With elections coming up, the declining Venezuelan economy laying claim to newly-discovered rich oil and mineral deposits in Guyana has some traction. For Guyana, the claim to its land is non-negotiable as this developing country looks forward to accessing its own wealth. Purvi Patel, Visiting Fellow at Gateway House and Latin America expert, offers her insight.
01 Courtesy: Gateway House
7 September 2023 Gateway House

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 1, Decolonisation in progress

The expansion of BRICS and the military coups in West Africa have brought to the fore long-suppressed intensities and tensions in the world order. Developed and developing words are in a moment of transition, with middle powers like India playing key balancing roles. Amb. Neelam Deo speaks with us on Unfolding Geopolitics, a new podcast series which observes and explains current and emerging geopolitical and foreign policy trends across the world.