Brazil_podcast Courtesy: Brookings Institution
22 March 2024

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 9, Brazil’s G20 Presidency: on the road

It is three months into Brazil’s G20 presidency, and the country is working hard on its agenda of prioritising energy transitions, reform of global governance and social inclusion. These will flow well into Brazil’s chairing of two other multilateral events in 2025 — BRICS and the COP30. Carlos Frederico de Souza Coelho, Senior Fellow at the BRICS Policy Center, talks about Brazil’s G20 agenda, its intention to advance India’s G20 efforts for global development, and what to expect from his country’s COP30 and BRICS presidencies.

india's g20 hbs Courtesy: Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung
14 December 2023

India’s G20 Presidency: Policy Prescription to Impact

India’s G20 presidency was effective in insulating the forum from geopolitical turbulence and placing the spotlight on the Global South. Although the G20 stands strengthened today due to India’s creative and forward-looking presidency, member nations confronting inter-state contestations, domestic elections and concurrent economic crises in the coming year will have to muster the political will to ensure a sustained commitment to the grouping's promises.