Post-Abqaiq Saudi Arabia

The immediate panic in the aftermath of the missile attack on Saudi Aramco’s facility at Abqaiq underlines the still-critical role of the Kingdom to the world economy. The subsequent recovery of oil production – with no disruption – showed that Saudi Arabia is a reliable partner/guarantor of energy supplies. Our Energy and Environment fellow Amit Bhandari was in Riyadh recently for a conference, and describes a post-Abqaiq Saudi Arabia

Gandhi’s Bombay years

On the Mahatma’s 150th birth anniversary, our Bombay History Fellow harks back to three city sites where Gandhi launched movements that progressively stepped up the pressure on the British to leave the country

Failing to reform the UN

An expert workshop on reinvigorating the UN, offered an opportunity for scholars, think tanks and members of civil society to revisit the many contradictions that plague it 75 years after it was formed. An assessment of some of the issues that persist

Indo-French digital partnership

The India-France roadmap on cyber security and digital technology paves a detailed path for the two countries to cooperate in three areas where France is an acknowledged leader and can help India become cyber-resilient

From Interkosmos to Gaganyaan

On his visit to the Russian Far East this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi secured Russia’s assistance in training India’s human spaceflight crew ahead of the launch of Gaganyaan in 2021-2022. French assistance for India has come in the form of its specialised knowledge of space medicine. Gaganyaan has thus become an India-Russia-France megaproject, a symbol of India’s futuristic space diplomacy

The DMZ, between peace and hostility

The Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) is a 250-km-long militarised border that divides the Korean peninsula roughly into half. It is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world. The author, who had a unique opportunity to visit the DMZ, narrates her experience

En route to Modi-Trump in Osaka

India’s foreign minister S. Jaishankar and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have sorted through the India-US niggles and minutae, so that the substance of the bilateral can be advanced by their leaders who are meeting in Osaka this week

CPEC = Pakistan electricity crisis

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with its unaffordable power projects is one reason for Pakistan’s current economic crisis. Pakistan has ended up with capacity it does not need, relying on fuels it is importing at a high cost