Japan: A model of resilience

Japan has always been the quickest to extend relief to any country facing a humanitarian crisis. In the wake of its cataclysmic earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the former Indian Ambassador to Japan hopes that India can extend the same measure of compassion to a country that is celebrated for its resurgence.

It’s The Economy, Stupid

Unlike the 1979 Iranian revolution, the unrest that is sweeping the Arab today are as much a response to repression as it is to decades of economic hardship, poverty and unemployment.

The US vs. the rest as a beacon for talent

The exodus of talented Chinese, Indians and Europeans to the United States has depleted these countries of their brightest minds. Who can blame them when a bunch of archaic educational guidelines impede the expansion of educational institutions and thus the benefits from opportunity?

Obama’s Focus on South Asia

A report on Stephen Cohen a key South Asia expert‘s lecture titled “Obama‘s Foreign Policy: Focus on South Asia” at Nehru Centre in Mumbai on October 7, 2010