War crimes: Bangladesh shows the way

At a time when Islamic fundamentalism is threatening the world, Bangladesh as a moderate muslim democracy occupies a unique position in actively confronting this threat under Sheikh Hasina. Instead of the unjustified criticism levied against its war trials, the West must actively support its fight against terror.

COP21 battle: from Paris to Nairobi

December 13 will bring curtains down on climate change talks at Paris, but the sharp ideological divides between rich countries and developing nations will continue to play out at World Trade Organisation’s 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, beginning on December 15

COP21: “we mean business”

The first week of Paris climate talks came to an end on Friday 4 December, 2015. The road ahead to reach an agreement seems difficult as multinational companies have aligned themselves more with the agenda of the developed world. Is sense going to prevail in the coming week and 'differentiated nature of responsibility' find acceptance?

Is this World War III?

The U.S.-led bombings on ISIS locations have France and the British as its partners. On the other hand is Russia -- targeting the Islamic State but with a primary aim of keeping Assad in power. Is this then World War III?

Can ISIS be defeated?

Today ISIS is the gravest international security threat. To defeat ISIS, the world should pay heed to India’s experience of the need to isolate state sponsors of terrorism. Ultimately, only when Saudi Arabia acknowledges the danger to its own survival from past policies of alleged support to extremist groups, can it be a reliable partner in the fight against ISIS.

Linking businesses and NGOs for CSR

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ notice last year directing companies to partner with NGOs for their CSR efforts requires companies to choose partners carefully, while NGOs must focus on monitoring and other requirements—so both sides are trying to address gaps and work with each other’s strengths

Election Diaries 2015: Bihar

Gateway House's Manjeet Kripalani is on a five-day trip to North Bihar to observe the penultimate days of the election campaigning. She will send a daily diary, in pictures or words, while traversing Bihar; on its progress and its aspirations. And why Bihar is so important to India.

India-Africa: realigning policies

The third India-Africa Forum Summit this week in New Delhi may be the right opportunity for the Modi government to formulate a strong Africa policy, and hosting more than 50 heads of African states will give India a chance to deepen the relationship and open access to newer markets.

Why a CSR Act minus sanctions won’t work

The lack of effective punishment for companies that fail to meet the 2% CSR requirement is the most notable lacuna in the Indian Companies Act of 2013.  At the same time, mandatory CSR is not a replacement for state social spending, which is a key ingredient for the success of developing nations.