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hong kong election Courtesy: AFP
8 September 2016 Gateway House

Hong Kong’s divided political landscape

The unanticipated success of "radical" candidates in Hong Kong's Legislative Council election, including student activists central to the "umbrella revolution" of two years ago, has shaken the territory's pro-Chinese establishment and seized ground from more moderate pro-democracy voices. More fractious politics look set to continue in the immediate future.
hongkong-protests Courtesy: cdfwatson
5 September 2014 Gateway House

The tussle for Hong Kong

The stage has been set for protests by pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong’s financial district following Beijing’s rejection of open civil nominations. This decision has angered pro-democracy groups, but the debate represents a continued effort to define the scope and limits of Hong Kong’s autonomy under China
China in Africa Courtesy: cowriesrice
8 August 2014 Gateway House

A better package for Africa

China's investment in Africa holds both positive and negative lessons for India. India can learn from Beijing's success at courting African leaders, but should focus on investments that better develop local African communities.
Modi Jokowi cross Courtesy: Gateway House
22 July 2014 Gateway House

A better partner: Indonesia?

The recent election in Indonesia gives India a chance to evaluate the many points of comparison between the two diverse and vibrant democracies. Both will face similar challenges, and so Indonesia may be a better parallel as well as partner than China – the usual model cited for development