Saeeduddin Faridi is a research intern at Gateway House working on geoeconomics and connectivity. He received his MSc in International Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and BA(Hons) Economics from Delhi University. His research interests lie in China, political economy and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Recent projects

Chinese Port invesments Courtesy: The Maritime Executive
19 August 2021 Gateway House

China’s ports in the Indian Ocean

China is rapidly expanding its influence in the Indian Ocean Region, as its massive investment in ports starts to materialise. From smaller investments of $78 million in Djibouti to large ones like $1.6 billion in Gwadar, these are funded largely by Chinese state-owned enterprises. This infographic shows the 17 ports being built by China, which are now important strategic, economic and political outposts for the country.