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27 January 2022

Green push too far

Since August 2021, Western Europe has faced a problem with renewable energy, causing it to turn to natural gas as an emergency alternative. This has led to a significant increase in gas prices and has serious implications for fertiliser and food prices. If this trend continues, it will be likely to cause food insecurity especially in poorer nations which do not have the monetary cushion of the West.

Courtesy: Gazprom
9 December 2021

India-Russia: Energy and economic security

India and Russia are natural partners for energy collaboration. India imports 85% of its oil while Russia is one of the largest exporters. An expanded bilateral investment strategy, especially in liquefied natural gas can help Russia access new markets and India meet its energy requirements. This mutually beneficial collaboration can re-affirm trust between the two countries, amidst complex geopolitical realities.

LNG_Carrier_Fuji_Lng Courtesy: Ken Hodge/Wikimedia Commons
20 June 2014

LNG imports can end the east’s exclusion

The BJP government can begin to address regional disparity, which is a drag on economic growth, by redirecting to the east and north-east some of the infrastructure and investment planned for LNG imports. This policy push, along with concessions for customers, can re-industrialise the region