NATO’s illusory power

Contrary to some current commentary, NATO has remained relevant after the post-Cold War period, largely due to the perceptions it still engenders. While its symbolic power still endures, a rapidly changing international order could make it obsolete in the near future, as new narratives take its place.

Lessons from Singapore

By using information and communication technology innovatively, Singapore has overcome the challenges of limited size and resources. There are many lessons here for India which is collaborating with Singapore on the Smart Cities project – especially when it comes to affordable housing and transport planning.

The rise of Marina Silva

Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff's bid for re-election has been ambushed in just two weeks by activist Marina Silva who is now predicted to win the October elections. If elected, Marina is likely to continue with the pro-poor policies of the current government, and she has already shown a keen interest in foreign policy. PM Modi will find Marina more proactive and forthcoming than Rouseff

The tussle for Hong Kong

The stage has been set for protests by pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong’s financial district following Beijing’s rejection of open civil nominations. This decision has angered pro-democracy groups, but the debate represents a continued effort to define the scope and limits of Hong Kong’s autonomy under China

Memorial museum for 26/11 victims

The newly restored Chabad House in Mumbai will be the site of a museum-memorial dedicated to the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks. The site will also highlight the daily rituals of the Jewish community – a poignant reminder of their vibrant presence in Mumbai just 50 years ago

Poverty and politics

The credit for significant poverty reduction achieved in the last decade in Latin America goes to the pro-poor policies of the leftist governments. The Left is expected to be voted back to power in the October elections to be held in Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia. The increase in affordability power is good news for the Indian companies who are exporting goods to the region

Rethinking history

Textbooks in India and Pakistan offer vastly differing views of events related to the freedom struggle. The History Project is an attempts to introduce students from both sides to an alternative and more balanced account of a shared past

A tribute to Attenborough

British actor and film maker Richard Attenborough, director of the film 'Gandhi’, passed away on August 24th. A tribute by Rajni Bakshi, Senior Gandhi Peace Fellow at Gateway House

Australia in the dock

Like European countries, Australia too has seen an influx of asylum seekers over the last decade. However, domestic political compulsions have seen the new Australian government send back the refugees to their turmoil ridden countries. Considering international law and its responsibilities Canberra needs to revisit its refugee policy

Change EU’s refugee policy

A refugee policy that absolves more capable and resource rich nations of any responsibility towards transnational asylum seekers is archaic and has lived beyond its time. Keeping in mind the EU's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights, it is incumbent upon it to set new standards and reform its refugee policy