Iraq crisis: 2003 revisited?

Over two years after American troops left Iraqi soil, the rise of the brutal ISIS is forcing a war weary contemplate a return to the country. Amid plummeting approval ratings and divided opinions at home, President Barack Obama will have to carefully weigh the implications of a disintegrated Iraq on the U.S. and indeed, the world.

Finding India in Stockholm

A brief visit to Stockholm for a conference provided an opportunity to the author to participate in discussions on India under Prime Minister Modi. It also opened his eyes to many India related things in the Swedish capital

Gross regional happiness

Economic security needs to be defined holistically through an open and democratic discourse. A plurality of perspectives on what constitutes development is essential to democracy across the world. Grass roots protests are driven by a longing for a truly inclusive and fair model of growth.

Marketplace sarvodayanomics

Sarvodaya is market economics, with a soul. There are different means towards achieving this end, but the evangelists need to come up common mantra and thwart vested interests from benefiting a few

Development and extinction

A recent report highlights the drastic damage being caused to the environment by human activity and underlines the need to address this. A warning that environmental groups advising the new government in India must pay heed to.

RBI policy: time for mind games

RBI’s second bi-monthly policy did not raise interest rates, as was expected. But, away from the noise on repo rates, the policy has two critical pivots: an emphasis on making liquidity available for credit expansion and, more importantly, managing inflationary expectations through upbeat language

Economic democracy

With a decisive mandate for economic deliverance the new government will have to rapidly do more than just provide inclusive growth. It will have to foster a market culture that makes economic democracy possible

Shanghai Forum: reflections

Shanghai Forum has emerged as a leading platform for discussing geopolitics in Asia. This year’s forum focused on the impact of rising geopolitical tensions in Asia and the need for Asian countries to develop creative approaches to economic development in the wake of the western financial crisis

Paradigm change in Pakistan

The newly elected Modi government in India must acknowledge the paradigm change in internal Pakistani politics, and pursue normalization in ties, through an innovative approach.

Exploring the ‘blue economy’

A blue economy needs to be looked at as an advanced version of environmental sustainability rather than as just a plan that helps towards the rapid development of island nations and others with vast coastlines