A better package for Africa

China's investment in Africa holds both positive and negative lessons for India. India can learn from Beijing's success at courting African leaders, but should focus on investments that better develop local African communities.

Latin America slowdown

Latin America’s economic growth has slowed down in 2014. But the region’s fundamentals are relatively strong, and have the resilience to absorb external shocks and increase growth in the coming years. However, Argentina and Venezuela face continuing uncertainty and deterioration.

A confusing stand on Gaza

Historically, India has supported the Palestinian cause but today, shares strong diplomatic relations with both West Bank and Tel Aviv. India's vote at the UNHRC has provoked much debate within the country as it marks a distinct shift in the government's stand from a few weeks ago when it was reluctant to even discuss the Gaza crisis in Parliament

A better partner: Indonesia?

The recent election in Indonesia gives India a chance to evaluate the many points of comparison between the two diverse and vibrant democracies. Both will face similar challenges, and so Indonesia may be a better parallel as well as partner than China – the usual model cited for development

The dangers of tightrope walking

Eastern Europe has seen tensions rise, increasing violence and a hardening of stands. Only the softening of the stark “either/or” choice currently being demanded by western powers as well as Russia will put an end to the precarious tightrope walking of east European governments and prevent their citizens from becoming victims of increased regional instability

Whither Libya!

India should continue to assist Libya in its journey towards becoming a fully functional democracy. The two nations, which share deep historical ties, can come together on key issues and build a relationship of mutual faith and benefit

Mumbai’s war memorials

Two memorials located in the heart of Mumbai city serve as a reminder of the crucial role played by Mumbai city, especially her docks in World War I. Over one million Indian soldiers and sailors fought on behalf of the Allied powers in the Great War.

Lanka’s anti-Muslim violence

The rising number of anti-Muslim attacks in Sri Lanka has grave security implications for South Asia, including India. The Mahinda Rajapaksa government must take steps to address the situation immediately, even if it comes at the cost of losing votes

Palestinian unity: road ahead

A month after Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas united, Israel continues its attacks on Gaza, with threats that it might soon launch a ground offensive. Yet, the long-term implications of the unity deal, should it withstand, could be profoundly positive for the Palestinians

Time for economic diplomacy

The Narendra Modi government’s first budget comes at a time when the prime minister has been substantially responsive to the world that has reached out to him. It is apparent that the new government will combine politico-strategic concerns with economic advantage