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Solar Panels on canal Courtesy:
26 February 2015 Gateway House

India’s inconsistent solar aspiration

Even though the Indian government is reformulating policies in order to increase investments in the clean energy sector, challenges such as a lack of policy consistency and poor implementation of established rules, are hampering the country’s renewable energy initiative
Normandy four talks Courtesy: MoFA/Russia
12 February 2015 Gateway House

‘Ukraine crisis has one winner: China’

With the crisis in Ukraine worsening, Europe seems to have realised that the solution is not military, though the U.S may push to send in arms. Although no country wants a war with Russia, the conflict over Ukraine between the West and Russia could escalate. What are the future scenarios for the region and with what global implications?
Uber Courtesy:
12 December 2014 Gateway House

The rise of the Uber Empire

Uber’s success allowed it to raise close to $1.2 billion dollars in its last round of investments which means that even as technology changes lives and businesses break new ground, the balance between forging into the future and having an adaptive regulatory environment is the need of the hour
Modi_Air India Courtesy: MEA/Government of India
24 September 2014 Gateway House

Prime Minister Modi’s U.S. visit – Itinerary

Prime Minister Modi will be in the U.S. from September 26 to 30 for the United Nations General Assembly session and a bilateral summit with U.S. President Barack Obama. Here is a detailed itinerary for Modi's visit to the U.S.
Nalanda_University_India_ruins Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
19 September 2014 Gateway House

The long road to Nalanda

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is scheduled to inaugurate the new avatar of the ancient Nalanda University on September 19. The opening is a significant event as the international university is India's attempt at projecting its soft power. However, much more needs to be done to make it an international center in the true sense of the word
kantibajpai Courtesy: Gateway House
22 April 2014 Gateway House

Defining India’s priorities in East Asia

Dr. Kanti Bajpai, Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore, talks about the reasons for the breakdown in the India-U.S. bilateral. In an interview to Gateway House, he also examines the recent strides taken in deepening India-Japan ties and the new government’s priorities in East Asia
election symbols_Ballot box Courtesy: Rama/Wikimedia Commons
22 April 2014 Gateway House

50 elections in 2014: a year of democracy

The year 2014 will witness elections in some of the biggest countries including India, Brazil and Indonesia. Like in India, the participation of youth voters is likely to be an important determinant in the outcome of the elections. Gateway House examines the presence of issues common to India and the major countries going to the polls in early 2014
BRICS versus the G8?
27 March 2014 Gateway House

BRICS versus the G8?

A new equation is emerging between the BRICS countries and the informal grouping of the most industrialized economies, called the G8. The G8 has been reduced to G7 following Russia’s suspension. Of late, BRICS have taken an assertive stand against the G8 in economic as well as the geo-political fora