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25 March 2014, Gateway House

U.S.: prolific on sanctions

The recent U.S. sanctions against Russia and the Ukraine is the latest in a long list of countries and organisations that have been targeted by Washington over the past decades. In the table below, Gateway House looks at the U.S.’s prolific sanction programme

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Russia and the Ukraine are the latest in the list of countries targeted by the U.S. as part of its sanction programme. Gateway House looks at the U.S.’s longest running sanction, the most effective, and the most ad hoc – in that the countries it should sanction are in fact aid recipients and partners. Which one comes next?

Country Sanction Programmes Most recent sanctions Longest running sanction Most effective sanctions Who should be sanctioned but is not
U.S   24 ongoing 

Balkans, Belarus, Myanmar, Cote d’Ivoire, Counter Narcotics Trafficking (eg. Colombia, Ecuador), Counter Terrorism (eg. Al-Qaeda, Tehrik-i-Taliban, Pakistan), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq-Lebanon, Liberia (Charles Taylor), Libya, Magnitsky (Russia), Non-Proliferation (eg. China, Afghanistan, Iran), North Korea, Rough Diamond Trade Controls (Sierra Leone, Liberia), Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Transnational Criminal Organisations (eg. Italy), Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Russia & Ukraine: 11 Individuals sanctioned in 6 days Cuba: 1962-Till date Myanmar:
Credit for the political transformation in Myanmar
Pakistan: Sponsoring terrorist organisations; nuclear proliferation
Iran: Iran allowed the IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear plants and began diluting its nuclear stockpiles Saudi Arabia:Repressive stifling of freedom of expression, systemic discrimination against women and minorities, detention of human rights defenders and activists
China: Stranglehold on political activists, human rights defenders and online activists, arbitrary arrests and detentions

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury

Compiled by Trupti Sarode and Marisha Dolly Singh, Gateway House.

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