R. Viswanathan

R. Viswanathan

Former Distinguished Fellow, India-Latin America

R. Viswanathan is the former Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay (2007-2012). He was earlier the Ambassador to Venezuela and served as the first Consul General of India in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has headed the Ministry of External Affairs’ division on Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as its Investment and Trade Promotion Division.  He has specialised in Latin America since 1996 and has been a regular contributor to newspapers and business journals, besides giving lectures on the subject at think tanks and universities across India, Latin America and the United States. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese. A self-confessed Latinophile, Ambassador Viswanathan is an avid reader of Latin American literature and admirer of Latino culture. He is fluent in Tamil, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Portuñol.

Engagement of India with Latin American countries

Last modified: December 8, 2017

Recent projects

Petrobras Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
11 June 2015 Gateway House

The rise and fall of Petrobras

Petrobras, which rose to become the fourth largest company in the world, is now battling a serious corruption scandal that has left its reputation in tatters. How did this global oil major scale such heights spectacularly and and then fall so low? There are lessons in this for India’s public sector oil companies.
info7- Pacific Alliance Courtesy: www.info7.com
2 June 2015 Gateway House

The Pacific Alliance & India

The Pacific Alliance—Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile—is one of the newest and most vibrant regional groupings in Latin American. Apart from the liberal foreign trade policies of these countries, they also have higher growth and lower inflation rates than their neighbours. India’s trade with the grouping has been growing, and as an observer member of the bloc, there is scope for much deeper engagement.

The Wire Courtesy: The Wire
27 May 2015 The Wire

Big Cola From Peru, an Inspiration for Indian Entrepreneurs

R.Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin American Studies- Gateway House, has written an article about a Peruvian Cola company's foray into the niche Cola market. This article has been published in The Wire.

car mexico Courtesy: Taneli Rajala
7 May 2015 Gateway House

Make in India Mexican-style

The 'Make In India' campaign could learn from the manufacturing success story of Mexico which has come to be called as a 'rising global star in manufacturing’ and 'the China of the Americas'. Prime Minister Modi can seek inspiration from President Enrique Peña Nieto who has brought about a dozen major reforms by forging a historic consensus with the opposition parties through the Pact for Mexico.

mexico bollywood Courtesy: NPR
26 February 2015 Gateway House

Mexican inspiration for Bollywood

Mexican director Alejendra Inarritu’s Oscar for his work on Birdman comes after his compatriot won the same category award in 2014. This is a matter of pride for the Mexican film industry which is undergoing a renaissance in the last fifteen years. Although Indian cinema dwarfs the Mexican film industry, Mexico’s success in Hollywood should hold as inspiration for Bollywood

TCS Chennai office Courtesy: colorlibrary.blogspot.com
15 January 2015 Gateway House

Uruguayan touch to Indian tech

Even though the India-Latin America relationship is yet to realise its potential, there are unique initiatives bridging this gap. The landmark office of Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai, hailed for its energy efficiency, has been designed by two Uruguayan architects—an effort which represents the growing synergy