Stop human trafficking in Mumbai

After attending a conference in Mumbai on human trafficking, Zara rapoport, a summer assosiate at Gateway House, gives us her view of the issue – to raise awareness among a new population of people and bring it into the conversation on India’s Foreign Policy as well as India’s growing influence globally.

Postscript: Nairobi – With Dr. Leakey

Gateway House’s Katherine Foshko journeys through Nairobi and gives us her account of the country’s happenings. Her meeting with legendary paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey gives us insights into the current political doldrum in Kenya and maybe a few lesson for India as well.

Lajpat Nagar: The adventure begins

The search for Afghani history within India takes us into the streets of Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, where Afghani refugees, assisted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, run restaurants that serve up a delicate Afghani cuisine.

The Cultural Paratrooper: Travels in Delhi

Although notoriously well-known for conflict today, Afghanistan’s history with India is outlined by language, architecture and politics. Many Afghans reside behind entrepreneurial establishments and universities in Northern India, giving us a glimpse of that historical connection between the two countries.

Terror (Still) in Mumbai

After the attacks of 26/11, economic growth and tourist spots take top priority for security while street ventures and the mass transit centers like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus -one of the targets of the attacks- are left unattended by the state.

Japan: A model of resilience

Japan has always been the quickest to extend relief to any country facing a humanitarian crisis. In the wake of its cataclysmic earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the former Indian Ambassador to Japan hopes that India can extend the same measure of compassion to a country that is celebrated for its resurgence.

It’s The Economy, Stupid

Unlike the 1979 Iranian revolution, the unrest that is sweeping the Arab today are as much a response to repression as it is to decades of economic hardship, poverty and unemployment.