SAGAR and security: leading in Indo-Pacific

If India wants to become a serious Indo-Pacific player, it has to prioritise implementation of the SAGAR initiative, look beyond the Quad to partner with smaller littoral states and provide alternatives to China’s investment strategies. This was the message from the recent Indian Ocean Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam

In defence of the defender

The organization, discipline and procedures of the military ensures that succor is provided to the country in the least possible time without meddling or posturing. But with the latest set of rulings against the military by courts and political parties, this is about to change - seriously

Enter religious parties in Pakistan politics

Religious parties, some of them founded by anti-India terrorist groups, have dramatically risen to the fore in the Pakistan elections held this week. The 2018 polls mark a milestone as the military has enabled their entry into the political mainstream

China’s disquieting FDI in high-tech

China’s foreign direct investment is shifting away from natural resources to high-tech areas, such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics. The scale of these acquisitions, along with questions about intellectual property and national security, are causing widespread concern in the West

Singapore@summit: More than a Little Red Dot

The $20 million price tag is a low-cost campaign fee for a country that’s transforming its branding from being “a little red dot” on the shopping map, to becoming a precisely and globally positioned summit state that counts

Deposing governments sans violence

Pakistan’s upcoming general election is an example of a slow-motion coup without the accompanying violence as the military deposes an inconvenient prime minister with a more pliable candidate

The intensifying backlash against BRI

The high cost and political impact of Chinese-funded infrastructure in countries like Myanmar, Malaysia and Sri Lanka make it imperative for India to work with Japan to provide alternatives, to ensure that the region is neither bankrupted nor militarised by Chinese influence.

Snapshots from the GLOBSEC Forum

The GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum’s annual conference this year saw discussions on technology take precedence over geopolitics. Experts pointed out the gap between the adoption of digital technology and managing its risks