En route to Modi-Trump in Osaka

India’s foreign minister S. Jaishankar and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have sorted through the India-US niggles and minutae, so that the substance of the bilateral can be advanced by their leaders who are meeting in Osaka this week

CPEC = Pakistan electricity crisis

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with its unaffordable power projects is one reason for Pakistan’s current economic crisis. Pakistan has ended up with capacity it does not need, relying on fuels it is importing at a high cost

Foreign policy continuum with the BJP

India’s foreign policy is increasingly blended in with its domestic agenda – and vice versa. Prime Minister Modi’s past proactive foreign policy has paid dividends in bringing global attention to India, a fact young voters have noticed and approved. In his second term, what will India’s foreign policy look like? A continuum of the past, but also new frameworks for the future

Africa’s priorities, India’s approach

The recently concluded CII-Exim Bank Conclave on the India-Africa Project Partnership elicited in-depth discussions on how to increase economic cooperation between the two countries. Three themes emerged, the infrastructure deficit continuing to be one of Africa’s greatest preoccupations

A world of uncertainties & unease

Speakers at the seventh Atlantic Dialogues, held in Morocco earlier this month, discussed what the challenge to western dominance and China’s expansionism meant for their political and economic future

Reflections from T20 Tokyo

The Think20 Inception conference, held in Tokyo on December 4-5, 2018, kicked off the research process for 2019 for the leading think tanks from G20 countries that work on issues of global economic governance. The author participated in the conference as an observer.