Singapore@summit: More than a Little Red Dot

The $20 million price tag is a low-cost campaign fee for a country that’s transforming its branding from being “a little red dot” on the shopping map, to becoming a precisely and globally positioned summit state that counts

Deposing governments sans violence

Pakistan’s upcoming general election is an example of a slow-motion coup without the accompanying violence as the military deposes an inconvenient prime minister with a more pliable candidate

The intensifying backlash against BRI

The high cost and political impact of Chinese-funded infrastructure in countries like Myanmar, Malaysia and Sri Lanka make it imperative for India to work with Japan to provide alternatives, to ensure that the region is neither bankrupted nor militarised by Chinese influence.

Snapshots from the GLOBSEC Forum

The GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum’s annual conference this year saw discussions on technology take precedence over geopolitics. Experts pointed out the gap between the adoption of digital technology and managing its risks

Indian defence: collateral damage of Russia sanctions

American sanctions on Russian defence companies may end up hurting an innocent bystander: India's defence sector. In particular, they could threaten Indian military procurement, and also may complicate India’s attempts to produce more of its own defence hardware. India needs to study the issue closely to prepare for what may come

Can soft diplomacy bridge the India-China divide?

On 12 February, the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), the Press Institute of India and the Centre for Public Policy Research, hosted a conference on ‘Enhancing India-China People-to-People Relations’ to explore ways student exchanges, language studies, the arts, think tanks and academia might increase people-to-people interactions and circulations between the two nations

A Think20 rendezvous in Buenos Aires

Think20, the official sub-forum of the G20 for think tanks with expertise in global economic governance, launched the research agenda for 2018 in Buenos Aires to support Argentina’s priorities for the year