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534795_0_68_720_473_1920x0_80_0_0_27a8f74ace78cb73d7b0ab2075f99b85 Courtesy: Sputnik India
30 May 2024 Gateway House

Trouble in Pakistan’s periphery

Pakistan’s peripheral regions have long been treated as colonies to benefit the Punjabi core. This neglect is facing a vigorous pushback, in the form of peaceful protests and violent resistance. The economic crisis has exacerbated tensions in Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, which remain poor despite abundant natural resources.
th Courtesy: Economy
16 May 2024 Gateway House

Iran-Pakistan pipeline to nowhere

The long-delayed Iran-Pakistan pipeline has put Pakistan in yet another bind of its own making. Abandoning the project will expose it to Iranian penalties, while completing it will violate the sanctions imposed by the U.S., its financial benefactor, and its other patron Saudi Arabia which competes with Iran for West Asian leadership.
Balochistan Violence Courtesy: The Hindu
18 April 2024 Gateway House

Spiraling violence in Balochistan

Long treated by Pakistan as a colony, Balochistan has seen several high-profile attacks by locals against Chinese interests. The growing unrest in the region reflects Islamabad’s failure to address key development issues. With less than 10% of this year’s federal budget earmarked for development, it appears that the only means of quelling the violence is more repression.
LDC_Infographic-02 Courtesy: United Nations
29 February 2024 Gateway House

Least developed to developing

The transition from least developed country (LDC) to developing country marks a major milestone for the world’s most vulnerable and structurally disadvantaged countries. The recent graduation of Bhutan into the 'developing' realm reflects the trend of accelerating development among least developed countries. Fifteen more LDCs are due to move up in the coming years, a clear improvement from the past.