getting india bot Courtesy: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
21 August 2014

An action agenda for reform

'Getting India back on track: An Action Agenda for Reform' prescribes the revival of India’s economic growth as the number one priority for the new government

FA_Sept-Oct Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
20 August 2014

Why markets now use politics to predict economics

Why does politics now exercise so much influence over markets? The answer starts with the breakdown of economic growth models that relied on high commodity prices, low interest rates, and other global windfalls

US2 Courtesy: Owlpacino
14 August 2014

Indian union and American federalism

Although the histories, levels of economic development, and critical issues of India and the U.S. are different, the confrontational party politics in their political systems pose similar challenges. Both countries can learn from the experience of federalism of the other to take their national agendas forward

Telangana-AP-Map-LMI Courtesy: Wikimedia
14 August 2014

Telangana: born of historic fissures

The birth of Telangana was a fall-out of the politics of opportunism practiced by both regional and national parties. The idea of federalism in India has to be conscious of these fault lines as they do not bode well for aspirations of cooperative federalism

sansad Courtesy: Wikipedia
14 August 2014

Flexible federalism

India’s federalism sees territory as fixed space through which power is distributed. We must instead imagine a federalism of time, a non-linear layering that reverses the heliocentrism of the State. It will give us models of disorder to create a diversity-sensitive system, and a new prism to re-imagine India’s future

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14 August 2014

Federalism for the Arab Republics?

Many Arab Republics are mired in political discord after the departure of the old tyrannical regimes opened up spaces for new struggles. In Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan, attempts to address the turmoil through constitutional reform are facing challenges. Will a democratic federalism be attained when the battles are done?

porto alegre Courtesy: wikimedia\commons
14 August 2014

Federalism, swaraj and Brazil

Brazil follows a more decentralised form of federalism and gives special importance to the municipalities. Porto Alegre’s successful 'participatory budgeting' is a role model for the world. India can learn from both the positive and negative aspects of the Brazilian system

NCTC_3 Courtesy: Wikimedia
14 August 2014

Counter-terrorism and federalism

A powerful National Counter Terrorism Centre may appear to contravene the federal spirit, but it is a necessary step. The opposition of several state governments to the potential encroachment upon their powers by the NCTC can be addressed if the centre and states share the responsibility of combating terrorism