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8 February 2024

The Bombay-Cairo connect

When the 154-year-old man-made Suez Canal became operational, it reduced the voyage between Europe and India from four months to 30 days. It made Egypt the centre for the development of modern tourism in the mid-19th century, attracting entrepreneurs from across empires. A brisk business grew with the Sindhis from the Bombay Presidency, who made the Egyptian free ports and Cairo as their first overseas bases.

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10 August 2023

Bombay’s historic ties to Zanzibar

On a recent visit to Tanzania, India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar announced the establishment of the first overseas campus of the premier Indian Institute of Technology Madras on its islands of Zanzibar in Africa. The choice of Zanzibar is significant: 180 years ago, it was the very first interface between Indian merchants and the East African mainland.

Banganga tank Courtesy: Gateway House
30 March 2023

Restoring Banganga

The Banganga Tank in Mumbai’s Walkeshwar is one of the city’s oldest sites of worship. Its location on the main island of Bombay is evidence of the city’s roots in Hindu mythology and folk tradition. Recent efforts to restore and culturally revive it offer a blueprint for incorporating Mumbai’s pre-colonial heritage sites within its contemporary cityscape.

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13 January 2022

The Imperial Bank of India

The Imperial Bank of India completed a hundred years in 2021. This Bombay Presidency institution is the precursor of the State Bank of India, which was a retail bank but also performed central bank duties. In this podcast, Sifra Lentin discusses the legacy of what was once the Indian subcontinent's oldest, largest bank.

Sifra Germany Photo Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road Archives
1 December 2016

A German renaissance in Bombay

Germany’s presidency of G20 in 2017 comes at a time when the country is in a state of deep flux. But its relations with India have always been unshaken. Even 80 years ago, German-speaking immigrants, fleeing the Second World war, greatly enhanced Bombay’s cultural life

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27 April 2015

Ottoman ship Ertugrul’s Bombay linkages

The Turkish naval ship TCG Gediz was in Mumbai recently, retracing the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul’s 126-year-old voyage, when it stopped here while on its way from Istanbul to Yokohoma. To commemorate this anniversary, the Consulate of Turkey in Mumbai and Gateway House jointly hosted a lecture by Sifra Lentin on the significance of this historic passage