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16 May 2024


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation turns 75 this year. It has exceeded its original mandate of a collective defence for Europe and is expanding rapidly. From restraining the rise of Russia, it is now seeking non-NATO allies in Asia who wish to restrain China. This requires a nimbler, more dynamic alliance. Can NATO respond to the transformation?

Photo 1 Courtesy: Suresh Mehta and 'Fragrant Folios: The Palanpur Story' by Jitendra C. Mehta and Amrit Gangar.
9 May 2024

A century of Bombay-Antwerp diamond trade

In Antwerp's global diamond exchanges that trade in rough and polished stones, the Gujarati-speaking Palanpuri Jain merchants are known as intrepid businessmen with a reputation for keeping their word. These traits has enabled them to live and work amongst Hassidic Jewish diamantaires and cutters-polishers who dominated this market. They carved a niche for themselves in small diamonds. Bombay played a key role in their success.

Chavda Pod Courtesy: Abhijit Chavda Podcast
11 April 2024

West must listen to emerging middle powers

Emerging middle powers like India, Brazil and South Africa are articulating their interests on the global stage with growing assertiveness. Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House, joins Abhijit Chavda on his eponymous podcast to discuss changing dynamics between the West and the Global South, and how western and emerging middle powers can collaborate on shared priorities like multilateral reform, technology transfer and international trade.

Germany no pickandchoose Courtesy: Sputnik News
21 March 2024

Power brings responsibility

Germany wants to find common ground in a multi-aligned world. For such a world to thrive, actors of consequence must take responsibility for shaping and protecting a free international order that is reliable, yet dynamic, for the benefit of all. When it comes to the global commons, there can be no pick-and-choose approach to foreign policy.

OladXModi Courtesy: Getty Images
21 March 2024

Still not weatherproof

Germany is India's largest trade and economic partner in the EU, but the relationship with France is a class apart, given its strength in military aviation and willingness to be a differentiated member of the West. Must this remain so? If Germany and the EU would be more understanding of India’s democracy and its role in upholding a rules-based order, their relations would be greatly improved.

Report Photo Courtesy: Körber-Stiftung
18 March 2024

Listening Beyond the Echo Chamber: Emerging Middle Powers Report

Divergent global reactions to major crises such as those sparked by the war in Ukraine and NATO’s Afghanistan withdrawal have widened the chasm between Western countries and emerging middle powers. This survey, conducted among nearly 1,000 experts from India, Brazil, South Africa and Germany, examines key foreign policy priorities in these countries, and reveals that despite differences, dialogue is possible.

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni meets with President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa inside the Madama Palace (Senate) as Italy hosts the Italy-Africa summit in Rome, Italy January 29, 2024. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Courtesy: Reuters
8 February 2024

Italy reaches out to Africa

The Italy-Africa summit, held on January 28-29, followed Prime Minister Meloni’s Mattei Plan for greater engagement with Africa and the Global South. It gives Italy’s ongoing G7 presidency an edge and a means of addressing immediate concerns like energy and illegal migration. Italy must now follow through on its commitments by coordinating with partner countries, organisations and private sector.

India France 2003 Courtesy: Tezbid
25 January 2024

India-France: the age of maturity

President Emmanuel Macron is the Chief Guest for India's Republic Day celebration. This comes six months after Prime Minister Modi went to Paris as the Chief Guest for France's Bastille Day. It marks a special continuum in the India-France bilateral, and the growing convergence of their respective visions which include a shared dedication to strategic autonomy, an understanding between friends, and the maturity of the bilateral.

7167432588_1a83db7e99_o-1024x616 Courtesy: South Asian Voices
25 January 2024

France, India and the Indo-Pacific

The proximity in the Indo-French relationship is reflected in the countries' increasing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. An ambitious joint Indo-Pacific roadmap is supported by the Indo-Pacific Oceans’ Initiative and the recently announced Indo-Pacific Triangular Development Cooperation Fund. Both partners must now devise timelines for the implementation of the proposals.

edf energy Courtesy: Reuters
25 January 2024

Delhi-Paris energy engagement

India and France are both large energy importers with a shared interest in stable prices and decarbonisation. They have much to offer each other. France is a leader in nuclear power and green hydrogen, and can help India with the technology it needs. India, with its large and growing market, can help bring down the cost of these technologies and mainstream them.