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16 May 2024

Setback for international students in Australia

The burgeoning of international students in Australian private and state universities are a source of consternation and contention for Canberra. Though student visas are misused, specific skilled migrants are still needed, and the fees paid by these students fund essential university research. Regulators are clamping down hard, but once again, students will bear the brunt.

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16 May 2024

Iran-Pakistan pipeline to nowhere

The long-delayed Iran-Pakistan pipeline has put Pakistan in yet another bind of its own making. Abandoning the project will expose it to Iranian penalties, while completing it will violate the sanctions imposed by the U.S., its financial benefactor, and its other patron Saudi Arabia which competes with Iran for West Asian leadership.

BhatiaAfrica Courtesy: Business Insider India
9 May 2024

India’s efforts to engage Africa

Since 2014, India has been deliberate in its efforts to build stronger ties across Africa. It is characterised by high-level visits, increased diplomatic presence and the integration of the African Union into the G20. The continent’s significance will only grow. India must continue to deepen cooperation across the political, security, economic, and socio-cultural domains and promote Africa’s interests.

Asean and neighbours can break Myanmar impasse Courtesy: Hindustan Times
25 April 2024

ASEAN, neighbours can break Myanmar impasse

Since the military coup in 2021, fighting continues unabated in several parts of Myanmar, including the strategically important Rakhine state. The country’s internal problems can't be solved by the Myanmarese people alone. Experts in ASEAN and Myanmar's neighbours should be given the chance to offer solutions driven by their understanding of the history, national identity, diversity, challenges and potential of this country.

Indo-pac regaining salience Courtesy: CGTN
18 April 2024

Indo-Pacific’s shifting seas

China’s hostile actions in the East and South China Seas have led to a deepening of naval partnerships within the Indo-Pacific such as the U.S., Japan, Philippines, Australia and South Korea. As crises in West Asia escalate and the strategic contest between the U.S. and China hardens in the Pacific Ocean, India – placed strategically in the Indo-Pacific – can’t neglect either the west nor east.

WhyBharatMatters Courtesy: Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.
18 April 2024

Why Bharat Matters

Dr. S. Jaishankar’s new book creates an environment for an open and equal dialogue, which must continue between Indian and Russian diplomats, experts, representatives of business and public organisations. He is a visionary and an intellectual; his book is an example of next-generation Indian soft power, at the intersection of the challenges of the future and the legacy of the past.

Myanmar needs outside help Courtesy: The Indian Express
11 April 2024

Myanmar needs outside help

Over three years of civil war in Myanmar, and there is no end in sight. The country’s stakeholders are unable to de-escalate the conflict or reliably distribute aid to those affected. Friends, including India, must step in — not only to stop the fighting and alleviate the suffering, but to help facilitate a return to normalcy.

Chavda Pod Courtesy: Abhijit Chavda Podcast
11 April 2024

West must listen to emerging middle powers

Emerging middle powers like India, Brazil and South Africa are articulating their interests on the global stage with growing assertiveness. Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House, joins Abhijit Chavda on his eponymous podcast to discuss changing dynamics between the West and the Global South, and how western and emerging middle powers can collaborate on shared priorities like multilateral reform, technology transfer and international trade.

Purvi Pod photo Courtesy: Purvi Patel
5 April 2024

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 10, Hyper-local, cross-border dialogue benefits

How can hyper-local, cross-border dialogue provide stability in border communities? International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Visiting Fellow at Gateway House, Purvi Patel, on a recent visit to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, observed similarities with other complex cases such as the India-Myanmar border and offers lessons for them.

Myanmar TPS Courtesy: Reuters
4 April 2024

U.S.’ Temporary Protected Status for Myanmar

In March, the U.S. announced an extension of Myanmar’s Temporary Protected Status (TPS), in light of the deteriorating situation. TPS provides legal status in the U.S., as an alternative to refugee status, to all nationals of a designated country fleeing instability. TPS shares similarities and key differences with refugee status, which are worth understanding in order to build strong protective legal framework for forcibly displaced communities.