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Bookshelf Courtesy: Gateway House
24 December 2014

Gateway House bookshelf 2014

Looking back at 2014, here are some of the best books on India and our neighbourhood, recommended by Gateway House experts and staff. Happy holidays! Title: The Colonel who would not repent Author: Salil Tripathi (Aleph Book Company)  The book is Read more

czech republic Courtesy: Bentley Smith/Flickr
25 November 2013 Gateway House

Landmark election for the Czech Republic

The recent elections in the Czech Republic resulted in no party winning a majority. However, two newly-formed parties have been elected to the lower house. As the parties try to form coalitions, Ambassador Jaromir Novotný blogs about the voting pattern and the significance of this election for the country
corridorsmap2 Courtesy: Gateway House
11 July 2013 Gateway House

Asia’s Strategic Corridors to India

The map – Asia’s Strategic Corridors to India – has emerged from Gateway House’s study of India’s strategic links with other parts of Asia. It highlights the progress India has made in forging multiple links with six strategic regions – Central Asia, West Asia, East Africa, South-East Asia, East Asia, and our immediate neighbourhood
Global Stability Map Courtesy: Gateway House
1 August 2012 Gateway House

Global Stability Map 2012

Gateway House prepared a Global Stability Map, using 20 differing indicators, to analyze the stability of 60 countries around the world. Using criteria that are important to the emerging economies of the world, the map provides an Indian perspective of the world today.