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Reconfiguring the role of business in G20

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A powerful new fora for global business is emerging and it is called the B20. Business leaders were first invited to this forum at the G20 Finance Ministers’ meeting in Canada in 2010. Since then, the B20 has become an important bridge between business and foreign economic policy . The forum has met regularly since then on the sidelines of the G20 Summits—South Korea (2010), France (2011), Mexico (2012), Russia (2013) and Australia (2014)—to advise world leaders read more

India’s inconsistent solar aspiration

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Since January 2015, SunEdison, a U.S.-headquartered solar energy firm, has announced three major projects with a total capacity to generate 12 gigawatts of electricity in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka. The spate of announcements follows the October 2014 decision by the Indian government to revise its target of generating electricity through clean energy—100 gigawatts from solar power by 2020 under the National Solar Mission. Recognising the opportunity, global solar companies are eager to tap into India’s renewable read more

SAARC sojourn: surmounting the entropy

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Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar will begin his South Asian yatra next month starting with Bhutan, then Bangladesh and Nepal, and followed by Pakistan and Afghanistan. He will visit Sri Lanka and the Maldives twice--the first time accompanying Prime Minister Narendra Modi from March 12. This visit should be seen as a separate string of interactions without planned reciprocal official exchanges. By focusing on SAARC’s development agenda, the yatra could surmount the diarchic entropy with which the organistion remains afflicted read more

The quiet decline of anti-incumbency

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Discussions about India’s state elections must necessarily include a reference to the all-powerful “anti-incumbency factor.” This is a reference to the belief that since the Congress Party lost its dominance atop Indian politics in the 1970’s, Indian voters have rarely rewarded state governments with consecutive terms. The stability of state governments is a crucial consideration as the debate heats up over devolving more powers to states. Greater devolution could allow states to initiate reforms on their own and experiment read more


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India-Myanmar: A New Impetus

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Book review: Writing with an imperialist’s pen

The scope of Kissinger’s book is immense, but it is marred by his prejudices and his arrogant view of non-European cultures. The author’s main premise is that the world is in a state of disorder, but his prescriptions remain unclear

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