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SDGs: Look beyond GDP

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Bhim, a small town in Rajasthan, was witness to a poignant protest on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday last year. Girls at the local government school chose to honour the father of the nation not by garlanding his photo but instead practicing what he taught – satyagraha or civil disobedience. Hundreds of girls sat outside the school gate to make a basic demand – they need more teachers. At that time, their school with an enrollment of 700 girls had just three teachers. Since then the number of teachers has gone up by only two. read more

Resurrecting European borders

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As the civil war in Syria rages on and refugees continue to amass at European borders in great numbers, it would appear that more and more fences - both physical and symbolic - are going to go up on the continent. European Union (EU) member states such as Greece and Bulgaria have already started building fences on their borders with Turkey to keep out refugees in the last few years, and other countries are now following suit. read more

Learning from China’s OBOR playbook

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A rare opportunity to travel recently to Lianyungang in Jiangsu province of China provided a good insight into the implementation of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) strategy- the grand connectivity plan announced by President Xi Jinping last year, at the provincial level. The occasion was the ‘Yangtze River International Forum Summit 2015’ organised by the Jiangsu Association for Friendship and International Exchanges which brought together Chinese national and provincial policy makers, academicians, Chinese businesses, journalists, lawyers, among other. read more

Space R&D: A strategic frontier

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Instead of inviting foreign corporations to India to create a manufacturing base, Modi can use his Silicon Valley experience to build a similar research and development foundation in India for indigenous high-tech companies. A strategic space megaproject could be the start of this much-needed push. read more

Research Papers

India’s Strategic Imperative in the South Pacific

This report analyses the significance of expanding India’s engagement with the South Pacific in the backdrop of mounting global interest in the region

Foreign Affairs

An Unworthy Ally

Despite the unwavering support for their South Asian ally for more than 20 years, it time for the United States to bid farewell to Pakistan.


The fires from 1947 burn on

Nisid Hajari’s Midnight’s Furies provides an insight into the brutal chaos and bloody riots from which India and Pakistan emerged in 1947. It is crucial for present generations from the two countries to understand the past in order to better comprehend the present

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