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Expect Clinton vs. Trump

Trmp clinton Courtesy: Gage Skidmore & Hillary for America / flickr

With the U.S. election process almost at the half-way mark, it looks likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face each other as the two nominees in the final fight for the White House. The world’s most powerful office couldn’t have two candidates more unlike each other – Trump is the outsider, an invader in the Republican Party while Clinton is the ultimate insider, an integral part of the Democratic Party establishment. Tuesday’s primaries in five states in the northeast United States gave both candidates what seems like an insurmountable lead over their respective rivals. read more

Whither BRICS?

BRICS_heads_of_state_and_government_hold_hands_ahead_of_the_2014_G-20_summit_in_Brisbane,_Australia_(Agencia_Brasil) Courtesy: Roberto Stuckert Filho / Wikipedia

Uncertainty prevails over the direction BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are taking today. Some experts have announced “the end of the BRICS era” and talked about “Falling BRICS”. BRICS governments are, however, proceeding full steam ahead with an elaborate programme to strengthen the grouping. A valid question, therefore, is whether BRICS is on the trajectory of decline, consolidation or rise? There is little doubt since the summit in Ufa (Russia) last year that plenty of bad news has emerged. Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, faces impeachment. read more

Resolving referendum roadblocks

fc89f72798eb98bae46ed25c7c44d9ac Courtesy: GeenPeil

On April 6, Eurosceptics claimed an important victory when Dutch voters rejected the European Union’s Association Agreement with Ukraine in a referendum. The agreement would have established a free trade area between the two sides and is seen as a first step towards EU membership for Ukraine. The vote was probably based on concerns among a section of the Dutch electorate about establishing closer ties with conflict-torn Ukraine. But observers suggest that the referendum was mainly an opportunity for Dutch voters to express discontent with the EU. read more

Brazil’s hour of reckoning

A_presidente_Dilma_Rousseff_durante_cerimônia_contra_o_impeachment_em_31_de_março_de_2016 Courtesy: Wikipedia

On Sunday 17 April the lower house of Brazil’s parliament voted 367-137, well over the two-thirds threshold, to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over her ‘crime of responsibility’: manipulating accounts submitted along with the annual Budget. If a simple majority of the 81-member Senate affirms the impeachment and tries her, she hands over the presidency to Vice President, Michel Temer. If the trial (by the Senate, with the Supreme Court presiding) is not concluded within 180 days, she returns to her post. Impeachment by mid-May appears probable. read more

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