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India 2015: China’s check or mate?

china check or mate v3 Courtesy: Make in India & Wikimedia commons

2015: The year that India can. A new, wants-to-do government. A system that’s cranking up once more. Stalled infrastructure projects being revived. Jobs matter again. Ecologically sustainable business models are being considered. Tech on the rise. States taking more of the initiative. A controlled fiscal deficit due to unexpected savings from falling oil prices. A proactive foreign policy has raised India’s profile. . Economic diplomacy has re-ignited investor interest. A free-trade agreement with ASEAN fulfils the Acting East read more

Cuba: end of isolation

Fidel Castro with Nixon Courtesy: Getty Images

In a surprise and dramatic move, U.S. President Barack Obama announced on December 17 the re-opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba. He was honest and candid in admitting the failure of his country’s outdated policy of isolating Cuba for the last five decades. Having tried every trick for 'regime change' in Cuba without success, the US has finally decided to change its own policy, and swallowed its pride. It is a triumph for the little nation which has withstood the read more

2014: brutality intensified

IS_2 Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

If 2013 was the year the data breaches, snooping and drone deployment began turning the world into an Orwellian dystopia, 2014 bears a close resemblance to a sharp descent into a more primal state of affairs. Terrorist attacks are unfortunately not a new phenomenon; but the vicious brutality in which they manifested themselves this year is a frightening change. This horrific trend that began in January with the massacre of 85 people, reportedly by the terror outfit Boko Haram read more

Climate Change: glimmers of hope?

Lima Climate Summit Courtesy: UN Climate Conference

Chennakhotapalli, a village on the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, could be a show case for climate mitigation action. Over a thousand farmers in the area are running projects—like organic agriculture and cooking without coal or wood—under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) that reduce carbon emissions. But most of them are under no illusion that their efforts will actually stem climate change. The CDM, a part of the Kyoto Protocol, encourages emission-reduction projects in developing countries, which earn certified read more


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The Lima agreement
BY Rajni Bakshi

An International Day of Yoga
BY Dr. S. Chacko & Dr. S. Stachenko

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Neighbourhood Views of India

In the past few years, the SAARC region has seen promising engagements in mutual cooperation between nations. For these developments to hold, new ideas must be discussed

Foreign Affairs

What really happened in Bangladesh

In the book, The Blood Telegram, the author Gary J. Bass puts the spotlight on the “significant complicity” of U.S. President Nixon and his national security adviser, Kissinger, in Bangladesh's "forgotten genocide"


Book review: Writing with an imperialist’s pen

The scope of Kissinger’s book is immense, but it is marred by his prejudices and his arrogant view of non-European cultures. The author’s main premise is that the world is in a state of disorder, but his prescriptions remain unclear

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