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Can cheap oil give peace a chance?

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Crude oil prices are at a four-year low and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) prices have also fallen since the beginning of 2014. Rising oil production and a slowing of growth in demand are the two main reasons for the drop. The prospect of large-scale shale gas production in the U.S. is also expected to bring down global energy prices after exports start in 2015. Gateway House has compiled a list of 58 natural resource-dependent economies read more

India’s imperatives in Sri Lanka

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On October 13, Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajpaksa launched the final 38-kilometre northern stretch of the railway line between Jaffna to the capital Colombo. The Indian High Commissioner, Y.K. Sinha, who participated in the inauguration ceremony, called the resumption of the service after a 24-year disruption “a milestone in this historic partnership between India and Sri Lanka.” The railway has connected the two cities since 1905, but many of the northern sections read more

Women, the UN and altered realities

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The role of women at and with the United Nations has been through flows and ebbs. Over time, women have gradually strengthened themselves with their networks and grounded knowledge—and states have taken note, or the movement has made the state take note, of their collective strength. However, during this evolution, the UN group of institutions has lost its space as a critical entity, as the game-changer that it was during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. With the growth of globalisation read more

Evo Morales wins Bolivia again

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In this election season in India and Latin America, there is both predictability and surprise. In India's state elections, the ruling BJP dominated the wins; in Brazil's national election, a surprise candidate may defeat the incumbent President. In Bolivia's October 12 national elections, predictability won hands down, with President Evo Morales sweeping the polls with over 60% of the votes, easily defeating his nearest rival Samuel Doria Medina. This election, Morales did even better than in 2009 read more


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