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Brexit: a wake-up call for global elites

ukip-eu-protest-5 Courtesy: Business Insider

The United Kingdom voting to take leave from the European Union has been a shocker for the financial markets and 10 Downing Street, that had put its entire weight behind the remain-with-Europe camp. But for the elites of the world, the vote is a shot across their bow. The message from Brexit is simple: the post-second world war financial, trade and industrial order and security arrangements that developed around Bretton Woods, have passed their expiry date. These systems need an urgent reordering to reflect current economic and strategic realities. read more

T20 Mumbai Keynote by Arvind Panagariya

T20 Mumbai 2016 - Keynote 03 Courtesy: Gateway House

Arvind Panagariya, G20 Sherpa, Government of India, delivered the keynote address at the 2016 T20 Mumbai meeting hosted by Gateway House on 13 June. In his speech, he comments on the significance of China’s G20 Presidency for 2016, discusses India’s role in the G20, and recalls some of the most challenging negotiations he was part of as G20 Sherpa. read more

India-Norway: burgeoning business synergy

IndiaNorway Courtesy: sarkarairtel

In prosperous Scandinavia, Norway has the smallest population and the highest per capita income, a low rate of unemployment and a welfare system that offers all citizens virtually free education and medical facilities. It has a well-managed mixed economy that combines a capitalist system with state ownership of strategic areas, ensuring a high level of productivity through wise management. It uses its enormous oil wealth prudently, utilizing only 4% of the income from its sovereign wealth fund to support the government budget. read more

Deciding the UK’s future in Europe

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at a press conference at the EU Headquarters on February 8, 2013 in Brussels, on the last day of a two-day European Union leaders summit. After 24 hours of talks lasting through the night, European Union leaders finally clinched a deal on the bloc's next 2014-2020 budget, summit chair  and EU president Herman Van Rompuy said Friday.  AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS Courtesy:

After months of campaigning that appear to have exhausted the British public’s patience, the referendum on the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) continued membership of the European Union (EU) is to take place in two days. Battle lines have hardened, and allegations on both sides of the debate have become more lurid, with those advocating against Brexit claiming that leaving the EU could bring war and Brexit supporters suggesting that remaining in the EU would mean the end of the British monarchy. read more

    • India dialogue
    • India’s first ever major foreign policy conference in Mumbai,
      13-14 June, 2016.

    • Co-hosted by Gateway House and the Ministry of External Affairs, with the participation of Indian and international political and business leaders.

  • India dialogue
  • G20's official sub-forum meeting in Mumbai,
    13 June, 2016.

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