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Modi in Japan: great expectations

japan_india_flag Courtesy: Gateway House

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will undertake his first overseas bilateral visit to Japan from August 30 to September 3. The visit is his first voyage to a country outside New Delhi’s immediate neighbourhood since taking charge. Modi’s trip, rescheduled from early June, has since been preceded by visits and meetings by officials from both sides to ensure that the bilateral meet yields some concrete deliverables. His meeting with his Japanese counterpart read more

India’s move towards economic diplomacy

Nirmala Sitharaman with joint IPJF Courtesy: IANS/PIB

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing for closer political and – in line with his national priorities – economic ties with India’s neighbors as well as allies, every one’s eyes are on New Delhi’s push towards economic diplomacy. This is not going to be different when Modi meets Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and addresses 1200 business leaders during his trip to Japan next week. While economic diplomacy is most visible and most watched during these high-level visits read more

Buddhist-Muslim violence in Myanmar

buddhist-monk-myanmar_Virathu Courtesy: paula bronstein/getty images/file

The global euphoria towards peace and democracy in Myanmar seems to be fading fast. Many cases of ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas and organised massacre of Muslim minorities in central parts of the country have occurred since 2012. More than 250 people have died and at least a hundred thousand Muslims have been rendered homeless. The Human Rights Watch report of 2013, entitled “All you can do is Pray” reflects international pessimism read more

Washington and the Argentine default

Argentina protests Courtesy: wikimedia

Argentina has now taken the matter to the International Court of Justice, complaining that the decision of the U.S. judiciary is arbitrary, abusive and beyond its jurisdiction besides ignoring the sovereign immunity of Argentina and hindering the sovereign debt restructuring process. But this would not help if the U.S. does not consent to the jurisdiction of ICJ on this matter. The American court verdict against Argentina contradicts the domestic law read more


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