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India and U.S: getting more comfortable

Modi-Obama bromance Courtesy: MEA Flickr

U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to India as the chief guest for the Republic Day celebration was rich in history and pageantry, and produced a wider array of serious agreements than many observers had expected. Perhaps its biggest accomplishment, however, was to take a big step forward in the degree of comfort both countries feel about this complicated relationship. Now the hard work begins. One can date the transformation of U.S.-India ties from read more

Decoding the nuclear deal for business

Nuclear plant_2 Courtesy:

With the U.S.-India nuclear agreement clearing two major hurdles on 25 January—civil nuclear liability and administrative arrangements for implementing the civil nuclear deal—everything looks ready to go. U.S. companies can now provide the reactor designs and equipment for building nuclear power plants in India. The benefits for India are clear: Indian business now has a shot at projects worth Rs 1.05 lakh crores ($17 billion) initially, with more to come over the next decade. For Indian industry read more

Business underpins India-U.S. defence deal

Raven_unmanned aircraft Courtesy: Army trials

On January 25, India and the U.S. renewed their bilateral defence pact for 10 more years. The ‘2015 Framework for the U.S.-India Defense Relationship’ strengthens cooperation between the two countries in the areas of defence technology, military exchanges, and counter-terrorism. For the first time, co-production and co-development are at the core of the defence engagement outlined in the framework, indicating the importance for India of technology transfers and indigenous manufacturing. The agreement makes India part read more

India 2015: China’s check or mate?

china check or mate v3 Courtesy: Make in India & Wikimedia commons

2015: The year that India can. A new, wants-to-do government. A system that’s cranking up once more. Stalled infrastructure projects being revived. Jobs matter again. Ecologically sustainable business models are being considered. Tech on the rise. States taking more of the initiative. A controlled fiscal deficit due to unexpected savings from falling oil prices. A proactive foreign policy has raised India’s profile. . Economic diplomacy has re-ignited investor interest. A free-trade agreement with ASEAN fulfils the Acting East read more


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