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Venus: testing ground for high-technologies

venus-1351056_960_720 Courtesy: Pixabay

Several robotic space missions are on the anvil in the decade of the 2020s. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is likely to reexamine two Venus mission proposals – an atmosphere probe, named Davinci, and an orbiter with a radar payload, called Veritas – which it had initially rejected earlier this year. The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, is considering a proposal to revisit Venus with a new mission, Venera-D, which too will carry a radar payload. The Indian Space Research Organisation read more

After Xiamen, a stronger BRICS?

36843552602_703ea5608f_o Courtesy: MEA/ Flickr

That the BRICS holds value as an instrument for managing vexed bilateral relationships among the grouping’s member-states was amply demonstrated at the ninth summit held at Xiamen last week (4 September 2017). The diplomatic establishments of Russia, Brazil and South Africa remained transfixed by Doklam in the run-up to the event, wondering if the shadows of the India-China border stand-off would wreck the summit. The link between Doklam and Xiamen became clear when, within hours of the two countries reaching read more

Innovation’s role in the Blue Economy

VizagPort Courtesy: Wikimapia

The Blue Economy is an advanced, oceanic version of the Green Economy; it is an extension of it, but involving the ocean’s resources. Taiwan is already advanced in its engagement with it. To go from Green to Blue is a single leap for developed, industrialised economies like Taiwan, the United States and those in Europe, which have attentive governments and for whom conservation is now a priority. read more

Partition: those who stayed behind

Rare-Old-Photos-of-Karachi-A-Parsi-family-in-Karachi-in-motor-car-1925-Old-and-rare-Pictures-of-Karachi Courtesy: Pinterest

The eruption of violence on the sub-continent early 1947 onwards – prior to Partition in August – led to the displacement of 15 million people (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs) on both sides of the border. But these numbers obscure the narratives of communities, like the Pakistani Goans (a few Christian Mangaloreans too), Parsis and Bene-Israel Jews, who were early migrants to East India Company Bombay in read more


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India-Myanmar: A New Impetus

This report of Gateway House's Policy Trip to Myanmar recommends how India can participate in Myanmar’s emerging market and enhance India’s trade and strategic interests in Asia

Foreign Affairs

Germany’s New Global Role

Over the last two decades, Germany has undergone a remarkable transformation on the global stage. With the weakening of the European Union and a withdrawal from the region from the United States, Germany will be a responsible, restrained, and reflective leader, guided in chief by its European instincts.


Understanding P.V. Narasimha Rao

An earnestly, but objectively written, biography of the late prime minister gives credit where it has been denied: PVN was the principal architect of the economic reforms that put the country on a destiny-changing path of growth, while being up against a restless party, hostile Parliament, and an apathetic public.

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