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Counting on the next U.S. envoy

ashtoncarter Courtesy: R. D. Ward/Wikimedia Commons

At a time of enormous doubt and dismay on both sides, President Obama’s impending choice of a new U.S. ambassador to India has assumed greater importance. His appointment will reflect where he places Indo-U.S. relations on his list of priorities. Obama’s lack of interest and that of his key advisers in steering the relationship is palpable. The India-U.S. partnership has been repeatedly tested and buffeted – often by needless provocations – over the past three years read more

Inadequate economic manifestos

rajrishieco Courtesy: Ravindraboopathi/Wikimedia Commons

Foreign institutional investors – as the money trail seems to suggest – have a fair idea of who is likely to win the 2014 general elections. What is still not known, though, is the winning party’s approach and solutions to many of India’s deep-rooted economic problems. The economic slowdown in India has now assumed crisis-like proportions and needs drastic solutions. Three entrenched problems – inflation, sluggish investment growth, and the twin deficits – must be the top read more

Pre-election flood of fake currency

fakecurrency Courtesy: Partha Sarathi Sahana/Flickr

It’s election time and fake currency – the worst-kept poll secret – is back in robust circulation. Election officials in Andhra Pradesh are currently investigating the fake currency being reportedly doled out to the public, just weeks before voting day. The problem of fake currency is not restricted to Andhra Pradesh. During election season, crores of fake Rs. 500 notes are pumped into the system. In August 2013, just before the state elections, currency notes worth Rs. 970 crores read more

Australia’s submarine choice

RIMPAC Courtesy: Seaman James R. Evans/Wikimedia Commons

The debate in Australia over the future of its submarine fleet is heating up. The Australian government is now considering various options including the acquisition of a new fleet and its choices will have a major impact on Australia’s defence capabilities into the middle of this century. Many in India too will be watching Australia’s submarine choice with keen interest. Australia is a major naval power in the Indian Ocean with a growing strategic relationship with read more


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Neighbourhood Views of India

In the past few years, the SAARC region has seen promising engagements in mutual cooperation between nations. For these developments to hold, new ideas must be discussed

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Many eastern European states who are part of the EU and were admitted only after being deemed compliant with the Copenhagen criteria have seen political parties in these countries become increasingly illiberal


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‘Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War’ paints an unflattering and scary picture of the workings of Washington. The book stresses that U.S. presidents have too often been too quick to use military force

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