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India-U.S: from strategic to historic

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As Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in India for the fifth India-U.S. Strategic Dialogue, there is a real opportunity to energise the relationship and set a bigger agenda with India’s new government. Kerry set the tone with an enthusiastic speech delivered on the eve of his departure to reinforce the original idea behind the relationship – India and the United States are two democracies with common strategic goals. He said that the deepening of ties was read more

Pritzker: pragmatic dealmaker?

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When U.S. secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Delhi for the 5th India-US Strategic Dialogue, he will be carrying pretty much the same old attaché case of issues and officials as he did when he came for the 4th Strategic Dialogue a year ago. Given that he is engaging with a new, intense leadership in Delhi, one which could be more open to doing business with Washington, will this used bag be any good? It may not have been, had it not been for read more

India-U.S. ties: expert speak

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This week the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry will be in India for the fifth India-U.S Strategic Dialogue. This will be the first major engagement between the two countries, and Mr Kerry is expected to prepare the ground for the bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington in September. Relations between India and the United States have been at a low point for over three years read more

Malabar 2014: a good beginning

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Warships from India, Japan and the United States are participating in the large-scale Malabar 2014 naval exercise off the southern coast of Japan. The exercise, hosted out of the port of Nagasaki, involved three Indian warships, two Japanese destroyers and several U.S. ships, including the aircraft carrier USS George Washington. These exercises are an important step forward in the India-Japanese security relationship. Although the Malabar exercises have been conducted read more

Research Papers

Protests and possibilities: West Asia and India

This paper analyses West Asian politics in the wake of the Arab uprisings, and examines the nature and implications of India's policies towards the countries

Foreign Affairs

What really happened in Bangladesh

In the book, The Blood Telegram, the author Gary J. Bass puts the spotlight on the “significant complicity” of U.S. President Nixon and his national security adviser, Kissinger, in Bangladesh's "forgotten genocide"


Book review: the rise of China

‘Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific’ is a pragmatic narrative by Robert D. Kaplan of the receding power of the U.S. and China’s growing dominance

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