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Khalistan 2.0: revival of Sikh separatism

2694105174_ee8a4a462b_b Courtesy: Flickr

As part of his ongoing India visit, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was at Amritsar and the Golden Temple on February 21 when he also met Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The growing political capital of the radical Sikh elements in Canada as evident from the Trudeau government’s soft approach to the Khalistan issue and the ‘gurdwara entry ban’ for Indian diplomats, have evoked concern in India, dominating much of the optics surrounding Trudeau’s India trip. read more

Chinese Investments in the Maldives

GH_Chinese-Investments-in-MaldivesMap Courtesy: Gateway House

Large investments by China have played a role in destabilizing Maldivian democracy. The Maldives is not the only neighbour of India’s where Chinese government firms are investing. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh have all received large inflows of Chinese capital. Most of these investments are a part of the Belt and Road Initiative – a bid to create a China-centric trading network and make China the centre of global supply chains. Despite their enormous scope and value, there is very little transparency read more

How India-Canada business ties can bloom

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They may call it the Social Summit. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to visit fellow social-media maven Narendra Modi later this month. Stops include the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, and Swaminarayan Akshardham in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. Trudeau’s itinerary also includes stops in Mumbai and New Delhi, two cities that know something about camera-worthy pageantry. Prediction: the Canadian prime minister’s 4 million Twitter followers are in for a deluge. If Trudeau can get #India trending in Canada, read more

Maldives: the Quad’s first crisis

15maldives-master675 Courtesy: New York Times

The ongoing political crisis in the Maldives showcases how infrastructure-building is no longer an innocent activity and that large-scale Chinese investments can undermine democratic institutions. For India, this is a warning that Chinese investments in South Asian nations can alter India’s geopolitics by manipulating latent, unresolved hostilities. The Maldives has traditionally been in the Indian sphere of influence. Over the last five years, since Abdulla Yameen was declared the winner of a contested election, it has drifted away from India into the Chinese sphere. read more


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The United States and India: Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership

The United States and India must forge an indispensable democratic partnership that can serve as a pillar of peace, prosperity, and democracy around the world.

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Germany’s New Global Role

Over the last two decades, Germany has undergone a remarkable transformation on the global stage. With the weakening of the European Union and a withdrawal from the region from the United States, Germany will be a responsible, restrained, and reflective leader, guided in chief by its European instincts.

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Understanding P.V. Narasimha Rao

An earnestly, but objectively written, biography of the late prime minister gives credit where it has been denied: PVN was the principal architect of the economic reforms that put the country on a destiny-changing path of growth, while being up against a restless party, hostile Parliament, and an apathetic public.

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