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6 December 2012, Gateway House

Neighbourhood Views of India

In the past few years, the SAARC region has seen promising engagements in mutual cooperation between nations. For these developments to hold, new ideas must be discussed

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Neighbourhood Views of India

To mark the 27th SAARC day, Gateway House in collaboration with geopolitics experts from the SAARC nations compiled the ‘Neighbourhood Views of India.’ They give their perspective of their respective countries’ interactions with India’s policies towards them, and make recommendations for the future of bilateral relations.

The SAARC nations are bound together by history, culture, and the British colonial legacy. However, some historical incidents still continue to haunt the relationship that these nations share with India.

The current geopolitical climate has prompted these nations to revisit the principles of sovereign equality, territorial integrity, mutual understanding and cooperation. India’s $2 billion aid to Afghanistan, granting of Most Favoured Nation status to India by Pakistan, the training of Sri-Lankan police personnel by India amongst other initiatives highlight the increasing efforts of these nations towards strengthening bilateral ties. What we need today are innovative ideas that would boost their efforts further.

This compendium of essays intends to contribute to this process.

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