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16 May 2024


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation turns 75 this year. It has exceeded its original mandate of a collective defence for Europe and is expanding rapidly. From restraining the rise of Russia, it is now seeking non-NATO allies in Asia who wish to restrain China. This requires a nimbler, more dynamic alliance. Can NATO respond to the transformation?

Chavda Pod Courtesy: Abhijit Chavda Podcast
11 April 2024

West must listen to emerging middle powers

Emerging middle powers like India, Brazil and South Africa are articulating their interests on the global stage with growing assertiveness. Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House, joins Abhijit Chavda on his eponymous podcast to discuss changing dynamics between the West and the Global South, and how western and emerging middle powers can collaborate on shared priorities like multilateral reform, technology transfer and international trade.

00016c8b5de0110adb271e Courtesy: Spacewatch.global
4 April 2024

China, Quad and emerging technologies

China is racing ahead in building powerful emerging technologies for use in space, cyber security, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The Quad countries still have an edge in these capabilities – but must collaborate in the Indo-Pacific now to maintain their comprehensive national power and global influence to keep China at bay.

Brazil_podcast Courtesy: Brookings Institution
22 March 2024

Unfolding Geopolitics | Episode 9, Brazil’s G20 Presidency: on the road

It is three months into Brazil’s G20 presidency, and the country is working hard on its agenda of prioritising energy transitions, reform of global governance and social inclusion. These will flow well into Brazil’s chairing of two other multilateral events in 2025 — BRICS and the COP30. Carlos Frederico de Souza Coelho, Senior Fellow at the BRICS Policy Center, talks about Brazil’s G20 agenda, its intention to advance India’s G20 efforts for global development, and what to expect from his country’s COP30 and BRICS presidencies.

OladXModi Courtesy: Getty Images
21 March 2024

Still not weatherproof

Germany is India's largest trade and economic partner in the EU, but the relationship with France is a class apart, given its strength in military aviation and willingness to be a differentiated member of the West. Must this remain so? If Germany and the EU would be more understanding of India’s democracy and its role in upholding a rules-based order, their relations would be greatly improved.

EmmaLouiseDiscussion Courtesy: Getty Images
21 March 2024

‘BRICS wants to challenge the G7′

With South African presidential elections slated for late May, South African opposition politician and Shadow Minister for International Relations and Cooperation, Emma Louise Powell shares her views on the future trajectory of BRICS, the credibility of the African Union (AU) on the continent, South Africa’s relations with China, and her country’s stance on key global issues.

Report Photo Courtesy: Körber-Stiftung
18 March 2024

Listening Beyond the Echo Chamber: Emerging Middle Powers Report

Divergent global reactions to major crises such as those sparked by the war in Ukraine and NATO’s Afghanistan withdrawal have widened the chasm between Western countries and emerging middle powers. This survey, conducted among nearly 1,000 experts from India, Brazil, South Africa and Germany, examines key foreign policy priorities in these countries, and reveals that despite differences, dialogue is possible.

AI_G20 Courtesy: European Parliament
14 March 2024

A public G20 inclusive AI platform

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative technology offering developmental opportunities for marginalised communities across developing and emerging countries. However, the costs of AI access through private platforms are becoming exclusionary, negating these opportunities. It is critical to make the advantages of AI available to all. The G20 nations can invest in open source technology and create an AI Stack similar to the India Stack, for public benefit.

Russian_BRICS_Chairship Courtesy: Official Internet Resources of the President of Russia
4 March 2024

BRICS under Russian chairship

Russia took charge of BRICS in January 2024 at a point of inflection in geopolitics and expanding influence for the bloc. As chair, Moscow aims to bolster cooperation along the lines of the BRICS’ three pillars to shift power away from the West and explore ways to engage potential members. Though China seems onboard, for India, neither of these pursuits must proceed too aggressively.

WTOMC13 Courtesy: World Trade Organisation
27 February 2024

WTO’s MC13 must leap forward

The ongoing WTO 13th Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi is a critical one. Apart from reform of the existing system, negotiations on e-commerce and digital trade should be finalized, as it represents the human capital of growing digital services economies in developing and developed countries. Cooperation will demonstrate that members can produce results and chart a constructive path for the WTO system.