2n d voice of globa;l south summit Courtesy: DD News
23 November 2023

Maintaining the Global South momentum

On November 17, India hosted the Voice of the Global South Summit – the second such meeting this year. While the first summit helped India mould the agenda for its G20 presidency, this latest meeting, convened towards the end of the presidency, was aimed at sustaining the momentum, with the support of developing countries, for the implementation of G20 decisions.

global south summit Courtesy: Twitter/@DrSJaishankar
19 January 2023

Voice of Global South Summit@G20

The recent Voice of the Global South Summit in New Delhi attracted 125 developing countries, and some tangible outcomes for India to carry to its G20 presidency agenda. It showed India's equity to be intact, despite a perception that in the past decade, India has moved away from NAM and closer to the developed West.