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5 October 2023

The Geopolitics of G20

The G20 summit in India and developments on its sidelines like the announcement of the IMEC, multiple bilateral meetings held by Prime Minister Modi, will all have long term geoeconomic and geopolitical impact. These, along with the summit deliberations and outcome are key to assess the future prospects of great power relations.

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21 September 2023

Assessing outcomes of the G20 summit

The New Delhi Leaders' Declaration breaks new ground key areas like climate finance, digital public infrastructure, trade, and multilateral reform. While the declaration is backed by unanimous consensus and outlines ambitious and wide-ranging goals, the actual extent of its implementation can only be assessed in the medium term.

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14 September 2023

Why Delhi shows the way

India’s leadership of the G20 has managed to maintain a balanced stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the grouping while also highlighting the need for greater accommodation of emerging powers within the multilateral framework. This experience positions India on the path to becoming a more equitable global rule-maker, fostering collaborations between the Global South and the G20.