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1 September 2022, Gateway House

Energy-bereft world in darkness

Sanctions against Russian energy, high cost fuel, heat waves and droughts all at once have raised the price of daily energy use to unprecedented levels and plunged large parts of the world into darkness.

Senior Fellow, Energy, Investment and Connectivity

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Consumers across the world are facing energy rationing and blackouts, particularly in Europe, Australia, China and India’s neighbours Bangladesh and Pakistan. This is a combination of multiple factors. The sanctions on Russian energy exports consequent to the war in Ukraine, has forced European countries to buy gas from wherever it is available, and at any price – a luxury that poorer countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan do not have. Simultaneously, the heat waves and droughts in China and Europe have increased the need for energy (cooling) while reducing hydropower generation. Years of under-investment in traditional energy sources of coal, oil and gas and the as yet unrealized mass benefit of renewables, means there is little by way of fresh supplies coming in.

Infographic Design: Debarpan Das

Amit Bhandari is the Senior Fellow for Energy, Investment and Connectivity, Gateway House.

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