outlooklogo Courtesy: Outlook India
24 September 2015

Don’t bank on it

Rajrishi Singhal, Senior Geoeconomics Fellow, Gateway House, wrote an article 'Don't bank on it' for Outlook India.

Modi in Silicon Valley Courtesy: Gateway House
24 September 2015

Modi in Silicon Valley

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the United States from 23-29 September, his second visit there in the past year. The highlight this time will be a stop at Silicon Valley – the first Indian Prime Minister to do so in more Read more

Tumisu_Pixabay Courtesy: Tumisu/Pixabay
24 September 2015

Innovation bridge: Silicon Valley to India

Sharad Sharma, co-founder, iSpirt, talks about Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley on September 27. In an in interview to Gateway House, he outlines the steps that would make Modi’s visit a success for Digital India campaign and other key issues.

UN-Sicherheitsrat_-_UN_Security_Council_-_New_York_City_-_2014_01_06 Courtesy: Wikipedia
24 September 2015

The UN at 70: reform or retire?

On 14 September, a UN General Assembly resolution called for reform of the Security Council (SC). But when the world is in turmoil and alternative multilateral institutions are emerging, this may be a case of too little being done too late. It is imperative now for the SC to include India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan and adapt to a rapidly evolving world.

US - India Stats Title Courtesy: Gateway House
24 September 2015

India-U.S.: Key Stats

The U.S. and India share a long-standing relationship. These facts and figures highlights the complexities as well as the potential of the bilateral.