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11 August 2016

Maritime India’s Global Destiny

With the 21st century being heralded as the 'century of the seas', there is much need for India to reclaim its historically dominant maritime position in civilian and military endeavours.

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11 August 2016


  Acting East, with intensity By Rajiv Bhatia India’s East Asia policy has been a bedrock of the country’s foreign policy, and the Modi government has deepened ties with ASEAN and extra-ASEAN powers in a significant way. As India turns 70, Read more

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11 August 2016

Digital trade can boost India’s growth

The global digital surge is exerting a greater impact on productivity and growth than the trade in goods. India is already a leader among emerging markets in the technologically advanced services sector, and as the country approaches its 70th Independence Day, building on this comparative advantage must become a critical goalpost for the next decade.

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11 August 2016

Partition 1947: the navy we didn’t see

15 August 1947 saw the division of more than a country. There were other spoils that were split: the Royal Indian Navy was one of them. This included not just a division of assets, but also of staff, whom the British Royal Navy had trained. This led to a piquant situation

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4 August 2016

GST: adding edge to exports

The GST will not only advance domestic market efficiencies but also add teeth to India’s economic diplomacy by improving the ease of doing business and enhancing competitiveness for exports.

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4 August 2016

T20: Thinking for G20

The T20 Summit held in Beijing last week provided an opportunity for scholars, think tank representatives, and government officials to engage in meaningful discussion of global economic governance in preparation for the G20 summit in September. The summit's organisers and participants are now taking greater steps to produce more tangible and relevant policy options for the consideration of states worldwide, in the context of fostering global good.

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4 August 2016

U.S. elections: foreign policy positions

A lesser publicised aspect of the American Presidential Race is the adoption of the Party Platform during the Convention. During the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, the two parties put down and adopted their platforms. Ambassador Neelam Deo analyses the foreign policy aspects of the platforms and their implications.

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4 August 2016

Reaffirming a different globalisation

Globalization appears to be giving way to a wave of nationalist protectionism. At this juncture, it is vital to focus on alternative visions of globalization anchored in concern for the environment, human rights, and economic democracy. The World Social Forum in Montreal from 9-14 August will gather more than 5000 people from across the world and serve as a window to the diverse endeavours in favour of a pro-local globalization based on trans-national solidarity.