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11 April 2017, Gateway House

Leaving the EU to capitalise on new partnerships

Gateway House, in collaboration with the British Deputy High Commission, hosted a roundtable discussion with Sir Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence, United Kingdom. After the discussion, Gateway House interviewed the Minister about the potential for India-UK defence cooperation in dealing with traditional and cyber threats, and hybrid warfare.

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Virpratap Vikram Singh (GH): Sir Michael Fallon, welcome to Gateway House. How is the UK looking to leverage its strengths to contribute to improving India’s defence industry?

Sir Michael Fallon: India is one of our oldest friends, back in Britain. We’ve always had a good relationship, our companies trade here, our militaries exercise and train together and work very closely. But we now want to use our leaving the European Union to capitalise on the experience we have with our defence companies and their products, to match that with India’s investment in new technology, Indian brain power, and put these two things together – the research and brainpower from India, alongside some British experience and to start developing the new military technologies, that will keep us ahead of our adversaries, but also which commercially, we can then sell together into third markets.

GH: What are some of the technologies and partnerships that the UK is looking at in order to combat emerging issues such as cyber threats and hybrid warfare?

Sir Michael Fallon: We have cyber capabilities, some of our companies, that we’re now going to develop through the defence and international security partnership. We hope our companies that have cyber capabilities can help work with India. We all face cyber threats now, to our governments, to our national infrastructure, and indeed to our commercial sectors, so we all have an interest in working more closely on that. Cyber isn’t the only example, there are security technologies that can help us meet these new threats where we have expertise in both India and in Britain and we want to marry that up, and move forward together in more joint partnerships.

GH: Thank you.

Sir Michael Fallon is the Secretary of State for Defence for the United Kingdom.

Virpratap Vikram Singh is the Website Content Manager at Gateway House.

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