CNN 2 Courtesy: CNN
6 June 2014

India-Pakistan future relations

Gateway House's co-Founder Manjeet Kripalani was interviewed by international news channel CNN on the future of India-Pakistan relations. She says that under the charge of Prime Minister Modi, the bilateral can chart a new course

DOha Courtesy: Doha Centre for Media Freedom
6 June 2014

Indian media scrutinised over election coverage

Gateway House Co-Founder Manjeet Kripalani was interviewed by the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, a non-profit organisation working for press freedom, on the role played by the Indian media in the general elections and the impact of this coverage on public opinion.

ethanol-millerm217-flickr Courtesy:
3 June 2014

India can learn from Brazil’s ethanol policy

India’s extreme dependence on imported energy often renders our economy vulnerable in the face of geopolitical changes. Given the high financial viability, India, being the world’s second-largest producer of sugarcane, should emulate Brazil by replacing petrol with ethanol as fuel.

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2 June 2014

Is Europe turning ‘right’?

Far-Right parties have made massive gains in the recently held European Parliamentary elections. Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, analysed the surprising results in this election

BloombergTV_Intw Courtesy: Bloomberg
28 May 2014

PM Modi reaches out to SAARC

Manjeet Kripalani, Co-founder and Executive Director, Gateway House, was invited to discuss India's new prime minister Narendra Modi's initiative to use his swearing-in ceremony as a platform to reach out to India's SAARC neighbours