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2 November 2012

China: New Leaders, Old Policy, a news website, republished Gateway House Research intern Spike Nowak's article on the new Chinese leadership and its impact on Chinese foreign policy. He argues that the domestic priorities and an independent army will continue to influence China's foreign policy.

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2 November 2012

Depth to peace – changing Pakistan’s dominant strategy, a news website republished Gateway House researcher Sambuddha Mitra Mustafi's article on India's role in Afghanistan post 2014.He argues that India must continue to deepen its engagement with other neighbours while it assumes a significant role in Afghanistan.

NYT Courtesy: The New York Times
31 October 2012

Doing the U.P.A. Shuffle

The New York Times quoted Gateway House's Neelam Deo in their article on the UPA's recent cabinet reshuffle. She criticizes these changes as being arbitrary and argues that they render a minister's years of expertise on a subject entirely worthless.

south african foreign policy initiative Courtesy: South African Foreign Policy Initiative
14 September 2012

BRICS: the new Syndicate

South African Foreign Policy Initiative republished Gateway House's report, titled 'BRICS: The new Syndicate.' This bi-annual report includes features written exclusively for Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations by various contributors, and Gateway House staff, from January-July 2012.

world policy institute Courtesy: World Policy Institute
13 September 2012

The Kurds: A Historic Opportunity?

World Policy Institute republished Gateway House's Azadeh Pourzand and Venessa Parekh's article on the Kurdish struggle for nationhood. They argue that although the Kurds are presented with a historic opportunity, autonomy is still a far-fetched quest for the Syrian Kurds, today.