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11 April 2019 Financial Post: Canada

Canada in the Indo-Pacific

Canada, which has been slow to respond to a changing trans-Pacific neighbourhood, can join India and the ASEAN member states to embark on a trilateral dialogue on the Indo-Pacific’s importance in terms of political, strategic and other domains. An alignment in outlook can strengthen the security and prosperity of a region, currently mired in U.S.-China rivalries
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10 April 2019

Simply put: A new high in Maldives

An article by our Distinguished Fellow, Rajiv Bhatia, ‘Maldives’ new balance’ was quoted in The Indian Express. Read our article here. Read the Indian Express article here.

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9 April 2019

India’s Political Parties Vow to Tackle Pollution

Our Fellow in Energy and Environment Studies, Amit Bhandari was quoted in an article titled ‘India’s Political Parties Vow to Tackle Pollution’ in the International Oil Daily, published by the Energy Intelligence Group. Read the full report here.  

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28 March 2019

A-SAT technology gives India big edge in space warfare

An article by our Space and Ocean Studies Fellow, Chaitanya Giri titled, ‘Mission Shakti: India’s space-military-industrial success’ was quoted by IANS and republished in ETCIO. Read the full article here