Policy Perspectives
India-Africa Courtesy: MEA/Government of India
9 January 2015

Indian banks in Africa: change agents

India’s engagement with Africa currently is trapped in a discourse from another era. With a change in governance structures and demographics, African countries are keen to elevate the level of trade and investment ties. India is in an advantageous position due to historical linkages but China and the U.S. are already ahead in the game

Elections in Latin America: a review
9 January 2015

Elections in Latin America: a review

Ambassador R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin America Studies Programme, Gateway House, identifies the overarching trend in all the 2014 elections in South America and what they mean for the region going forward.

The Diplomat_logo Courtesy: The Diplomat
8 January 2015

India’s Foreign Policy Reimagined

The style and substance of Narendra Modi’s foreign policies have been very different from those of his predecessors. The Diplomat republished Gateway House's article analysing Modi's outreach in 2014

Philippine peace Courtesy: khabrsoutheastasia
8 January 2015

War and Peace

The Islamic State’s violence dominated 2014’s news headlines, masking important non-violent initiatives around the world. But endeavors for peaceful solutions are thriving, and India, with its legacy of a non-violent freedom struggle, must contribute to this process as a counter-force against the advocates of violence

Coal India Courtesy: wikimedia.org
6 January 2015

Hostage taking by unions

The five-day strike threatened by Coal India’s unions has driven home the risks India faces due to excessive dependence on a single company. The Indian economy needs to be secured against such blackmail by diversifying—using more gas and hydropower, and by getting other public sector firms such as NTPC into coal mining