Jaishnkar Courtesy: Saddahaq.com
25 February 2015

SAARC sojourn: surmounting the entropy

The SAARC Yatra to be undertaken by foreign secretary S. Jaishankar from March 1 is an opportunity for India to improve relations, resurrect stalled projects and create new synergies with its neighbourhood. An initiative like this could hold the key to India shedding the ‘hegemon’ tag and pursuing mutually beneficial policies with its neighbours

bhutan1 Courtesy: MEA
18 June 2014

Gross regional happiness

Economic security needs to be defined holistically through an open and democratic discourse. A plurality of perspectives on what constitutes development is essential to democracy across the world. Grass roots protests are driven by a longing for a truly inclusive and fair model of growth.

bhutan Courtesy: Indian Embassy, Thimpu
16 June 2014

Modi in Bhutan: from energy to wellbeing

Bhutan has more to offer India than just hydropower. Narendra Modi could take a leaf out of his neighbour’s development model and ensure that policymaking ought to include the environment, ecology, culture, community, health and education as important criteria for determining a country’s wellbeing and development

Courtesy: Christopher J. Fynn/wikimediacommons
16 September 2011

Bhutan plays it safe with neighbors

Lacking real political or economic power, the small Himalayan nation of Bhutan has asserted its independence by looking inward and holding firmly to its national identity. As Bhutan cautiously builds stronger foreign ties, what will happen to its domestic and foreign policy?