Sifra Lentin

Sifra Lentin

Adjunct Fellow, Bombay History Studies

  Sifra (Samuel) Lentin is a Mumbai-based writer and historian, and the Mumbai History Fellow at Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. She graduated in English from Elphinstone College, Mumbai, and went on to complete her Bachelor’s in General Law (BGL) from the Government Law College, Mumbai. She has written for a wide spectrum of Bombay-based newspapers and magazines – most notably Mid-Day, The Times of India, The Sunday Observer, Hindustan Times, Taj Magazine, JetWings and One India One People. She has also been published in two books: MARG’s ‘Indian Jewish Heritage – Ritual, Life-Cycle & Art’(2002), and One India One People’s book on Communities of India (2006). Her recent work has been the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet coffee table book ‘A Salute To The Sword Arm – A Photo Essay On The Western Fleet’ (April 2007). She is also on the Board of Trustees of the Sir Jacob Sassoon School (Byculla, Mumbai).

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Last modified: June 22, 2017

Recent projects

Arial_View_Flora_Fountain_Bombay Courtesy: Wonderful Mumbai
22 June 2017 Gateway House

Heritage on the brand wagon

One of the conclusions drawn from a recent panel discussion, co-hosted by Gateway House and Avid Learning, on how brands are helping promote heritage conservation, moderated by Sifra Lentin, Mumbai History Fellow, was that there is an urgent need to preserve Mumbai’s natural and built heritage to meet the Maharashtra government’s target--the year 2020--for inaugurating the international financial centre at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Here is a summary of the concerns that the panellists raised
Essays & Reports
Sister Cities Cover Courtesy: Gateway House
19 May 2017 Gateway House

Mumbai-Shanghai Sister Cities Agreement: Challenges and Opportunities

In light of our government's new understanding of the role that the sister cities relationship can play in envisioning urban projects in India, Gateway House's Mumbai History Fellow, Sifra Lentin, has readied a special report on the role and understanding of sister cities.

CFo1ubfUgAAzxei Courtesy: Consulate General of France in Mumbai
16 March 2017 Gateway House

More than a whiff of France in Bombay

All eyes are on the outcome of the French elections next month with its portents of a far right president being the people’s choice. But it was 200 years ago that Bombay forged its French connection. Trade with France ushered in cultural influences while the city’s early nationalists were drawn to the French Revolution’s political philosophy of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’
silk road Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
14 February 2017 Gateway House

Interweaving the old Cotton and Silk Routes

China’s resurrection of the ancient Silk Road is ambitious, sprawling, hegemonic. Its pre-European origins, though, lay in a criss-crossing of nameless caravan routes on which Indian cotton was traded as vigorously as Chinese silk, tangible proof of the interdependence of two ancient civilisations over two millennia
bandra kurla complex Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
19 December 2016 Gateway House

Bombay’s past and future as an IFC

The historic role of Bombay (as it was then called) as a hub for banking, commerce, trade, and shipping, and its financial clout a 100 years ago, are little known today. With the city scheduled to soon open an international financial services centre, it is worthwhile to recall and integrate this legacy with Mumbai’s present strengths in order to attract global capital to its IFSC
Sifra Germany Photo Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road Archives
1 December 2016 Gateway House

A German renaissance in Bombay

Germany’s presidency of G20 in 2017 comes at a time when the country is in a state of deep flux. But its relations with India have always been unshaken. Even 80 years ago, German-speaking immigrants, fleeing the Second World war, greatly enhanced Bombay’s cultural life
Chp 5. The Chartered Bank%2c Bombay Photo courtesy Dr Jehangir S. Sorabjee Courtesy: Jehangir S. Sorabjee
9 November 2016 Gateway House

Bombay and the City of London

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to India from November 6-8, her first to a country outside Europe, has been focusing on increasing bilateral trade and investments. But 300 years ago, London and Bombay shared a critical financial relationship.
3.1. Cotton bales lying at Bombay terminus  Photo Dr. Jehangir S. Sorabjee - Copy Courtesy: Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee
20 October 2016 Gateway House

Bombay and the founding of Shanghai

The recent inauguration of the New Development Bank in Shanghai has made that city a focal point of international financial transactions between the five BRICS countries. This occasions revisiting some of the ways in which Bombay has been historically linked to it
IMG_0463 Courtesy:
13 October 2016

Bombay-Burma links run deep

Mumbai and Myanmar share a historically significant link that is little known today as ties weakened after the military takeover of Myanmar in 1962. But now its newly democratic, globalising presence offers a window of opportunity for Indian businesses, both big and small, to make a foray