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16 May 2024

Why insurgents struggle as governments

South Africa has just celebrated the 30th anniversary of its epic elections in 1994 which marked the end of apartheid rule. President de Klerk and Nelson Mandela avoided the expected bloodbath but, since then, the ruling African National Congress has not done well. Because the very qualities which make insurgent groups and liberation movements successful, are not the ones that make effective national governments.

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16 May 2024


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation turns 75 this year. It has exceeded its original mandate of a collective defence for Europe and is expanding rapidly. From restraining the rise of Russia, it is now seeking non-NATO allies in Asia who wish to restrain China. This requires a nimbler, more dynamic alliance. Can NATO respond to the transformation?

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16 May 2024

Setback for international students in Australia

The burgeoning of international students in Australian private and state universities are a source of consternation and contention for Canberra. Though student visas are misused, specific skilled migrants are still needed, and the fees paid by these students fund essential university research. Regulators are clamping down hard, but once again, students will bear the brunt.

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16 May 2024

Iran-Pakistan pipeline to nowhere

The long-delayed Iran-Pakistan pipeline has put Pakistan in yet another bind of its own making. Abandoning the project will expose it to Iranian penalties, while completing it will violate the sanctions imposed by the U.S., its financial benefactor, and its other patron Saudi Arabia which competes with Iran for West Asian leadership.

BhatiaAfrica Courtesy: Business Insider India
9 May 2024

India’s efforts to engage Africa

Since 2014, India has been deliberate in its efforts to build stronger ties across Africa. It is characterised by high-level visits, increased diplomatic presence and the integration of the African Union into the G20. The continent’s significance will only grow. India must continue to deepen cooperation across the political, security, economic, and socio-cultural domains and promote Africa’s interests.

Photo 1 Courtesy: Suresh Mehta and 'Fragrant Folios: The Palanpur Story' by Jitendra C. Mehta and Amrit Gangar.
9 May 2024

A century of Bombay-Antwerp diamond trade

In Antwerp's global diamond exchanges that trade in rough and polished stones, the Gujarati-speaking Palanpuri Jain merchants are known as intrepid businessmen with a reputation for keeping their word. These traits has enabled them to live and work amongst Hassidic Jewish diamantaires and cutters-polishers who dominated this market. They carved a niche for themselves in small diamonds. Bombay played a key role in their success.

SriLankaCrisis Courtesy: Business Standard
9 May 2024

Sovereign default and economic crisis in Sri Lanka

In April 2022, Sri Lanka defaulted on its foreign debts kicking off its worst economic downturn in over 70 years. In a paper for the Institute of South Asian Studies, Ganeshan Wignaraja examines key policy, the benefits of IMF support, and the role that Indian aid has played in Sri Lanka’s recovery while emphasising potential risks of its upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Manifestos Courtesy: Business Standard
2 May 2024

Foreign policy in India’s electoral fray

As 960 million Indians set out to cast their votes in the on-going electoral fray, a good number will be concerned with India’s global image and policy, now more front-and-centre than ever before. The contesting political parties have differing views of how India should engage internationally. How will these resonate with the vast electorate? The foreign policy agendas in the various party manifestos are worth assessing.

IMG_2549 Courtesy: The Times of Israel
2 May 2024

Diplomacy in Middle East grey zones

Grey zones have blurred the frontiers of conflict and peace worldwide, creating ambiguous wars of complex scenarios and labyrinths that have transformed strategic foresight and the international and national security landscape. In these arenas, multiple options are available, where regional powers' ascertainments converge with the poker game of political, diplomatic, economic, and military interests, as well as the operations of state and non-state actors.

Reserve Bank India Courtesy: Shapoorji Pallonji
2 May 2024

A central bank for India in Bombay

The Reserve Bank of India entered its 90th year on 1 April. From the 1940s to 1960s it was critical in protecting India’s interests at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, and conserving India’s Forex by managing a Rupee trade with the East Bloc. Today, it is among Mumbai’s several historic financial institutions and has navigated India’s economy through turbulent geopolitical and geoeconomic events.