Purvaja Modak

Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies and Assistant Manager, Research Office, Gateway House

Purvaja Modak is a Researcher for Geoeconomic Studies and Assistant Manager for the Research Office at Gateway House. She holds a Masters degree in Economics (MA) from the University of Mumbai with a focus on international trade, finance and regional monetary arrangements. She finished her Bachelors in Economics (BA) from Jai Hind College. Purvaja has previously held Research Assistant and Research Associate positions in her academic departments at both Bachelors and Masters levels. She has also interned at Reliable Investments, an exclusive franchisee of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

Recent projects

shanghai-420380_960_720 Courtesy: Pixabay
23 March 2017 Gateway House

China: four-city eye opener

An opportunity to be a part of a recent think tank delegation to China offered the author insight into China’s foreign policy, development plans and issues affecting the India-China bilateral relationship. Gaps in perception that keep both countries apart must be bridged for them to leverage their emerging positions in Asia and the world