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31 December 2014

Jinping to Obama: What next for Modi sarkaar’s fresh style of diplomacy?

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, has written an article on the present and future of Modi's government, including his diplomacy and his different campaigns. This article also involved the future of Indo-Pak and Indo-China relationships in light of this changing governance. This article has been republished by the First Post

Modi with Xi Jinping_India Courtesy: MEA/Government of India
26 December 2014

New-look India-China ties in 2015?

2015 is likely to begin with India-China boundary talks in New Delhi, and strategic analysts believe it can be a unique window—arising out of the new political dynamism in both countries—to resolve the dispute. Besides, if Modi visits China in 2015, it can expedite investments—also making it a big year for bilateral ties

Modi on Air India Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs of India
26 December 2014

Modi’s 2014 diplomatic calendar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a busy diplomatic calendar in 2014. He travelled to seven countries and met dozens of world leaders in his first six months in office, and received 11 heads of state during that time. Gateway House followed his foreign engagements closely, commenting on them in our weekly newsletter to our members

Modi at G20 Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs/GoI
26 December 2014

India’s foreign policy reimagined

The style and substance of the foreign policies of Narendra Modi’s six-month-old government have been remarkably different from those of his predecessors. Gateway House examines the changes in India’s equations with three critical countries—the US, China and Pakistan—and outlines a foreign policy forecast for 2015

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24 December 2014

Gateway House bookshelf 2014

Looking back at 2014, here are some of the best books on India and our neighbourhood, recommended by Gateway House experts and staff. Happy holidays! Title: The Colonel who would not repent Author: Salil Tripathi (Aleph Book Company)  The book is Read more

IS_2 Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
19 December 2014

2014: brutality intensified

This year has seen a disturbing increase in brutal violence by terrorist groups across the world—the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Tehreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan. With non-traditional terror targets like Belgium, Canada and Australia also being attacked this year, 2015 could see a more lethal spread of jihadist terror

facebook-map Courtesy: Karen Bleier AFP/Getty
19 December 2014

Digital diplomacy

Social media has disrupted how diplomats communicate with each other and the general public. How are diplomats using these platforms? How will future digital tools change the meaning and capabilities of digital diplomacy? Gateway House presents an educational mini-series on digital diplomacy, profiling Indian digital diplomacy, and the future trajectory of digital diplomacy.

china check or mate v3 Courtesy: Make in India & Wikimedia commons
19 December 2014

India 2015: China’s check or mate?

From the Indian perspective, how China manages the readjustment of its economy and how secure South Asia remains, will be two major determinants that will influence world affairs in 2015. Gateway House has developed four scenarios to explain the outcomes that will ensue, starting 2015, when these two determinants intersect.