Keynote Session - Harsha de Silva 01 Courtesy: Gateway House
13 June 2016

GOID 2016: Opening Address by Harsha De Silva

Sri Lanka’s deputy foreign minister Harsha de Silva delivered the opening address at the first Gateway of India Dialogue in Mumbai in June 2016. In his speech he underlined the need for building a bilateral of “irreversible excellence” between India and Sri Lanka based on shared geography, history and culture.

T20 Mumbai 2016 - Keynote 03 Courtesy: Gateway House
13 June 2016

T20 Mumbai 2016: Keynote by Arvind Panagariya

Arvind Panagariya, G20 Sherpa, Government of India, delivered the keynote address at the 2016 T20 Mumbai meeting hosted by Gateway House on 13 June. In his speech, he comments on the significance of China’s G20 Presidency for 2016, discusses India’s role in the G20, and recalls some of the most challenging negotiations he was part of as G20 Sherpa.


Akbar Padamsee Courtesy:
9 June 2016

India’s embassies: a story of art history

The MEA's Objects d'art committee selects the best of Indian art and craft for the country's embassies across the globe, and over the years it's choices have been dictated as much by the many conflicting ideas of India as by an emotional response to an object. But in an age when everything has a price and is a collectible, the ministry's collection makes it a rare custodian of India's cultural heritage.

Agriculture_and_rural_farms_of_India Courtesy: Rajarshi Mitra / Wikimedia
8 June 2016

A new era for Indian agriculture

This year’s union budget indicates a seismic shift in Indian Government thinking on agriculture, viewing it as not just as a ‘survival’ industry, but as one that generates income and growth. But to take Indian agriculture out of the time warp it is in currently, the government must entice increased engagement from the private sector.

refuel-577348_960_720 Courtesy: Pixabay
6 June 2016

Oil@50: India needs to speed up

India needs to act faster to ensure it continues to get energy at an affordable price. The oil price increase to $50 per barrel shows there is a limited window of time to act.

IMG_2283 Courtesy: Manjeet Kripalani
2 June 2016

The sanctioned, sleeping beauties awake

The crippling effect of American sanctions are thorough; designed to strangle economies and bring entire nations to a halt. However, they unknowingly pull people together, imparting a deep sense of patriotism and often sparking innovation which can quickly surpass any other world power. With sanctions being lifted on nations like Myanmar, Iran and, hopefully, Cuba, the question remains whether they will retain their uniqueness or fall into line with the rest?

9789810933043 Courtesy: Research Asia
2 June 2016

Recounting India-Indonesia

"India's Relations with Indonesia" recounts Indonesia's complex relationship with India, while also tracing the country's struggle with its colonial powers and the policies they adopted.

Regular_strength_enteric_coated_aspirin_tablets Courtesy: Wikipedia
2 June 2016

Please-all IPR policy pleases none

India's new intellectual property rights (IPR) policy attempts to address concerns of developed countries regarding India's patent regime, while also protecting public interest, especially that of generic drug producers. However, through this effort of a balancing act, India might have landed up pleasing neither the USTR or U.S. business and disappointing many in India's domestic industry and civil society.