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8 May 2020, Gateway House

Gateway House Webcast: India’s Corona Diplomacy

In this webcast, we discuss India's Diplomacy during the COVID-19 pandemic with David Rasquinha, Managing Director, Exim Bank, Amb. Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies Programme, Gateway House and Nayanima Basu, ThePrint.

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This discussion covered the below points:

  • How has India’s diplomacy fared during this corona virus – domestically and internationally? Technically and multilaterally?
  • What are the specific tools of diplomacy that have been used?
  • Exim Bank has held up India’s economic diplomacy, kept the loan flow going through this time – How did that work? What will be the outcome?
  • How will diplomacy – of development and outreach – as we know it, change, post the pandemic?
  • How will global relationships change?

This video was recorded on Zoom during the fourth episode of the Gateway House Webcast which took place on 30 April 2020.