g20 Courtesy: G20 Taskforce, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
25 February 2014

RBI and G20: Time to recalibrate?

After 2008 the G20 framed guidelines for emerging economies to coordinate their financial actions with the developed world. But the US’s backtracking created havoc in many countries. Now, after the recent G20 meeting, it may be time for the RBI to reconsider some financial measures, which India took in good faith

milanspikecallusnavy Courtesy: Spike Call U.S Navy/Wikimedia Commons
21 February 2014

Shaping regional diplomacy

The Indian Navy, through multi-lateral exercises, is increasing its sphere of influence and becoming a regional force. Yet, it needs to be supported by policy decisions that enable it to achieve its potential as a state-of-the-art establishment and a powerful tool in India’s diplomatic repertoire

Reasserting the Ramayana
20 February 2014

Reasserting the Ramayana

The Ramayana is multiple narratives, recreated over time, as the story has passed from teller to listener and from place to place. There is no singular text. With the recent decision to withdraw Wendy Doniger’s book, it is time to once again ask: what is the Ramayana? How can it inspire us to counter intolerance?

BOUTON Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
20 February 2014

‘The biggest concern is trade’

Marshall Bouton, an expert on the India-U.S. bilateral, talks about how ties between the two countries can be repaired. In an interview to Gateway House, he also discusses the steps India must take to integrate with the global economy, and the U.S.’s plans in Afghanistan

khurshidemma Courtesy: MEA, UK in Italy/Flickr
13 February 2014

India-Italy: Turbulent times ahead

The National Investigation Agency’s decision to charge the two Italian marines – who are accused of killing two Indian fishermen – has led to an uproar in Italy. The case, complicated by legal, diplomatic, political and security issues, has implications for India-Italy and India-EU ties

david2 Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
12 February 2014

India-Australia: Deepening the bilateral

Gateway House interviews David Brewster, Visiting Fellow, Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, and Senior Visiting Fellow, Maritime Studies Programme, Gateway House, on his latest report, ‘The India-Australia Security Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges’