li manmohan Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs, India
24 May 2013

India-China: Diverging, still

India has concerns vis-à-vis China such as the recent border intrusion, the sharing of water resources and the growing bilateral trade imbalance. Gateway House examines how the Indian government addressed these issues during the recently concluded visit of Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang.

china final Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs, India
22 May 2013

Li and Obama’s Mumbai lessons

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is also a salesman for his country – but he comes with the one offer no foreign dignitary has made so far: money. Cash-strapped Indian business especially those in the infrastructure and resource businesses, will certainly be looking now to China to make their dreams of survival come true.

rupee renminbi flickr Courtesy: Flickr/CreativeCommons
17 May 2013

India-China: Enhancing Economic Synergies

In the coming decade, India and China are set to achieve a historic $100 billion bilateral trade volume. But India’s concerns over growing trade imbalances and market access need to be addressed so that the two neighbouring economies can forge a more sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership