Asia Briefing_0 Courtesy: Asia Briefing
6 April 2012

China’s provincial outbound direct investment in 2011

China’s Outbound Direct Investment(ODI) has reached commercially and geo-economically significant levels and begun to challenge international investments by other countries. Local provincial companies of China are among the fastest growing area in outward investment.

martin wolf cfr Courtesy: World Economic Forum/Flickr
30 March 2012

Does the BRICS Group Matter?

The emerging BRICS economies agree that the West should hold less sway in the global economy. But their leaders, despite regular summits, have failed to articulate a coherent vision because of divergent interests, says journalist Martin Wolf.

China 1992, India 2012 Courtesy: China Briefing
31 January 2012

China 1992, India 2012

The development similarities between China and India are strikingly similar, argues Chris Devonshire-Ellis. Twenty years ago, China faced challenges and difficulties but also offered oppurtunities and profits. Similarly India offers much of the same now.

BRICS magazine Courtesy: Newsdesk
3 January 2012

BRICS: The 2012 New Delhi Summit

Alongside the 2012 BRICS Summit in Delhi, this special publication is a collection of articles that addresses important issues of the global agenda, the priorities of BRICS, the policies and competitive advantages of the participants, as well as BRICS institutionalization.

Amendments in India’s Industrial Policy Courtesy: India Briefing
15 November 2011

Amendments in India’s Industrial Policy

Amendments in India's Industrial Policy has brought reduction in the number of industries reserved for public sector. The policy focuses on deregulating the Indian industry and providing it with more freedom and flexibility and facilitating growth within the country’s industry.