Admiral Venkat Bharatan

Former Vice Admiral of the Indian Navy

Vice Admiral (Retd) Venkat Bharathan is a graduate of the Defense Services Staff College, India as well as the Naval War College, USA.  He pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and a Master of Science in Defense Studies.  His most enjoyable postings were the command of an anti sub-helicopter squadron, a patrol frigate, a guided missile destroyer, performing as the Flag Officer for Sea Training, Flag Officer for Naval Aviation and Flag Officer commanding the Eastern Fleet.  In addition to this, Vice Admiral Bharatan served as India’s Naval Attaché in Washington, D.C. The Government of India awarded him the Vishist Seva Medal, the Athivishist Seva Medal and the Param Vishist Seva Medal. Disclaimer: External experts are not affiliated with Gateway House and have been presented here for reference only.

India's defense policy, Indian navy, maritime security

Last modified: September 13, 2017

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eutrophication&hypoxia Courtesy: eutrophication&hypoxia/Flickr
18 November 2011 Gateway House

26/11: National Day Of Remembrance

Mumbai is surrounded on all sides by water and is just as vulnerable to attack by sea as it was on 26/11. Maharashtra needs formalised maritime governance - a coordination of all maritime activity with a constant, collective awareness of the surrounding maritime domain.
The Airavat Incident Much ado about nothing Courtesy: U.S. Navy/WikimediaCommons
11 October 2011 Gateway House

The Airavat Incident: Much ado about nothing

In the context of security and sovereignty, India is involuntarily Pakistan-centric and Sino-deferential. India must deal with China with deference without degradation, firmness without confrontation, and raise the threshold of its defense posture in physical and policy measures, without upping the ante.
admiral bharatan interview piece_210x140 Courtesy: OfficialU.S.NavyImagery/Flickr
19 April 2011 Gateway House

“India needs a maritime governance authority”

The Navy, Coast Guard, Police and maritime companies now encounter new threats, as piracy threatens the Indian seas and our trade routes. This calls for a united approach in combating threats and even more so, for a single governing body for maritime issues.
John L. Beeman Courtesy: John L. Beeman
30 September 2010 Gateway House

Mechanics of a Maritime Governance Authority

The second part of Admiral Bharathan’s piece on the importance of maritime governance in India. In this part, the author highlights the creation of institutions and adaptation of rules and regulations towards governance and management of the nation