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6 June 2014

India’s 10-point agenda for LatAm

Gateway House outlines a renewed agenda for India’s relationship with Latin America. If the new government led by Narendra Modi takes these policy steps, centred on economic diplomacy, India can benefit from Latin America’s huge natural resources, increasingly assertive foreign policy, and significant economic growth

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5 December 2013

Food Security at stake in Bali

At the World Trade Organisation (WTO)’s ongoing ninth Ministerial Conference, the focus of several countries is on food security. What does the proposed ‘Peace Clause,’ mean for developing nations? What are the complex factors at play in the decision-making process, in the ongoing meeting?

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8 November 2013

Food security and WTO

A recent UN report praises governments for promoting the right to food. At the same time, India’s Food Security Act will encounter resistance at the WTO meeting in Bali in December. Can India play an exemplary role in the global power struggle over food security?

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17 October 2013

Food security: feeding the future

Livemint published Gateway House’s Rajni Bakshi’s article on food security. Pegged on the controversy surrounding the World Food Prize, Bakshi analyses the need to accelerate responsible agriculture to lift millions of people out of poverty, and on ways to meet this goal.

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4 October 2012

Interview: India’s prospects in Latin America

As India looks to diversify its sources for energy imports and grapples with food security issues, it is looking more towards Latin America. Gateway House interviews Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani to discuss India’s prospects with this increasingly significant region.

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14 March 2012

For a new highway, from Rio to Delhi

The Hindu republished Gateway House's Researcher Estefanía Marchán's article on the potential benefits of cooperation between India and Brazil. As both face many obstacles to equitable development, can the upcoming BRICS Summit in New Delhi help drive a new development agenda?