Dialogue on Trusteeship: futuristic ideal
6 February 2014

Dialogue on Trusteeship: futuristic ideal

Gateway House and Sabarmati Ashram hosted a dialogue on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary. The topic of the dialogue was Trusteeship, a Gandhian ideal and how it needs to be looked at as a basis for addressing problems related to environmental distress and income disparities

ET Courtesy: The Economic Times
2 October 2013

Why companies must embrace trusteeship

The Economic Times published Gateway House’s Rajni Bakshi’s article on the concept of ‘trusteeship.’ She argues that the true essence of trusteeship is about a better alignment of business and society, profits and the larger common good, and that it is imperative for businesses in a maturing democracy to embrace it.

Gandhi currency Courtesy: Curtis Gregory Perry/Flickr
12 March 2013

Trusteeship: A futuristic concept

There is much global discussion on creating new metrics of ‘valuation’ to make markets respond to burgeoning crises such as the widening income gap, ecological imbalance and social instability. Can Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Trusteeship enable the creation of a broader, more wholesome definition of value?

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21 April 2012

UN: a return to ‘mandated colonialism’

By forcing regime change in Libya, and attempting the same in Syria, and by promiscuously arming disparate groups of Wahabbis and Salafists to achieve this aim, NATO is creating more room for instability in the region. What Syria needs is engagement, not isolation; it needs dialogue and not the arming of rebels.