Co-Investing in China with Chinese Partners Courtesy: Asia Briefing
11 July 2012

Co-Investing in China with Chinese Partners

With the introduction of new legal entities, domestic and foreign investors can now co-invest in one enterprise. The 25 % corporate income tax has theoretically been eliminated, therefore offering the prospect of substantial tax savings.

channel news asia final Courtesy:
8 June 2012

New film questions India’s “Shanghai” envy

Gateway House's Ambassador Neelam Deo was quoted in an article by Channel News Asia on the recently released Indian movie 'Shanghai.' The article discusses India's envy and obsession of China's financial capital which is the theme of the movie.

26 March 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

What happens to Mumbai’s expanding slums? Why is India’s growth 15 years behind China? Gateway House’s Bob Dowling blogs after joining a discussion of urban planners and slum advocates in Mumbai on one day and a high-level International

China Daily Asia Pacific logo Courtesy:
16 March 2012

India suffers from lack of political consensus

China Daily quoted, in their Asia Pacific edition, an article by Gateway House's Director Manjeet Kripalani and Bob Dowling, Editorial Advisor, about China's and India's economic slowdown. The authors explain the difference between China and India in their approach and responses to economic problems.

U.S. defence: Focus on China Courtesy: The White House/WikimediaCommons
13 January 2012

U.S. defence: Focus on China

The new U.S. defense strategy calls for less military spending, and a focus on Asia-Pacific with the strategic emphasis to counter China’s defense build-up as the focal point. This shift could drive the debate toward an aggressive new Cold War rhetoric against China, or accommodation driven by economic necessity.

kayani mullen Courtesy: U.S.ArmedForces/WikimediaCommons
30 December 2011

Pakistan: Mired in Politcal Miasma

The 'memogate' fiasco in Pakistan highlights, yet again, the tensions that exist between the country’s political establishment and the Pakistan Army. While the final acts of this maneuvering are being played out, will the all-powerful Army continue to push the civilian government into a corner?